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Mango in your pizza? This food festival asks why not

At ‘Dawat-e-Aam’, an ongoing mango festival in Delhi, visitors can enjoy mango-flavoured cocktails and unique pairings in curries and pizzas 

A new food festival has made use of five varieties of mangoes in its dishes. Photo: Unsplash

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Since there is no such thing as having enough of mangoes, an ongoing food festival in New Delhi has whipped up a special menu comprising delicacies made of the 'king of fruits', from starters to desserts.

Dawat-e-Aam, being held at The GT Road, Connaught Place, is the go-to place for all the mango lovers in the national capital waiting to make the most of this soon to be over mango season.

The menu, which adds a splash of tropical flair to all its offerings, starts with an assortment of cocktails and mocktails including aamras, aam Ka Panna, mango tequila sunrise, mango martini, and a special concoction called ambarsaria, made of fresh mango, kesar badam juice, fresh mint and lemon juice topped with Sprite.

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"We have gone overboard with our mango recipes to offer many varieties from starters and main course to desserts and the drinks, crafted specifically for mango lovers. We have used both raw and ripe mangoes but have made sure that mango taste is not overpowering," says Naresh Kotwal, executive chef at The GT Road.

In the starters, mango cheese pizza is the most in demand, followed by aam kasundi paneer tikka' and aam aur aloo ki tikki. Mango cabbage, raw mango kachumber and mango lachha are some of the choices for the salad enthusiasts. The star dishes in the main course  include kacche aam ki daal' and aam chicken curry.

A total of five varieties of mangoes, ranging from chausa to denga, have been used in the making of this spread. Lastly, the expansive dessert section includes a host of decadent treats such as mango phirni', mango burfi,  kulfi, mango cheese cake and mango banana custard.

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