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How to declutter your kitchen before Diwali

To organise your kitchen like a pro, optimise storage in your cabinets and fridge

Maximise your shelf space to clear clutter. (Edgar Castrejon, Unsplash)
Maximise your shelf space to clear clutter. (Edgar Castrejon, Unsplash)

Diwali is less than a month away and it’s time to declutter. Let’s begin from the heart of your home—the kitchen. A sure shot way to clean the kitchen is to take a careful look at the fridge and cabinets and find out how to maximise the storage space. Square containers occupy less space than round ones, and steel jars are not as air tight as their glass counterparts. The shelves in your fridge can be divided to maximise storage space, keep food fresher for longer and minimise wastage. Here are three videos to help clear the kitchen clutter before the festivities begin.

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Pick the right containers 

To ensure that your spices and grains are stored well, invest in the right containers. Glass or food-grade plastic containers labelled with the food stored in them will make life infinitely easier. For easy access and storage, the size of containers matters. Watch this video to know how placing the containers according to their height and frequency of use will simplify your work in the kitchen. 


How to organise the fridge

Keep leftovers in the top shelf for easy access and quick consumption. There are dividers and containers that can be brought for storing vegetables and fruits to ensure they don’t rot. If your vegetable tray doesn’t have dividers, you can buy sub-bins that can be placed in it for easy access. An organised fridge will make your kitchen work efficient and help you plan your weekly grocery shopping without breaking a sweat.


Gadgets for a friendlier kitchen 

During Diwali, it’s a ritual to buy something new for the home. This year, it might be a good idea to pick kitchen essentials that will make cooking a breeze. There are mats for cabinets to prevent stains and scratches, a foldable steamer and damage-proof hooks to keep towels and dusters. Detachable silicon food covers are perfect for storing leftover food and drinks.


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