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Have you played Google's interactive pani puri game?

Today's Google Doodle is a game inspired by the beloved pani puri

A screenshot of the interactive Google doodle.
A screenshot of the interactive Google doodle.

Google has made India’s beloved pani puri viral with an interactive game. Although, it may appear like Candy Crush, the rules are different. The player is the pani puri vendor who has to cater to customer’s request of different options. At first, the user is offered with four different flavours and the game suggests which ones and how many to make. As the game progresses, more options appear. The challenge is to find the right flavours and number of pani puris in a maze of options. If the player gets it right, there is a satisfying crunch sound. It could be the next best thing to eating pani puris.

One of the options in the game looks like the puri is stuffed with buttercream and colourful sprinklers, which is a far cry from what is considered to be an authentic street side version of tangy and spicy flavours. Pani puri in Maharashtra, puchka in West Bengal and gol gappa in Delhi, this chaat has myriad iterations and millions of fans across the world. Typically, the stuffing comprises a solid component—from mashed potatoes to sprouts and boondi—and a semi-liquid or liquid element with tamarind chutney and mint-coriander-infused water. It is a bite-sized marvel of varied flavours and textures.

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It forms a base for a wide range of experiments. Chefs have spiked it with vodka, added shredded meat and even caviar. From street side vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants, the pani puri has become India’s biggest food export for diners around the world.

The game is inspired by a restaurant in Indore which served 51 different flavours of pani puri on July 12, 2015, reports a blog on Google. It says, “On this day in 2015, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a restaurant called Indori Zayka and Dainik Bhaskar achieved the World Record for serving the most flavors of pani puri by offering 51 options, under the guidance of Masterchef Neha Shah.”

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