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Three exciting food pop-ups to check out in Bengaluru this month

Three chefs bring exciting menus to the city in September from South-East Asia, Goa and Lucknow

Samurai Pork Ramen at Bento Bento
Samurai Pork Ramen at Bento Bento

Eating out in Bengaluru need not mean heading to the nearest mammoth microbrewery and eating the same old pub food. Check out three pop-ups happening in your city this month, helmed by three innovative chefs who are bringing exciting menus to the city from South-East Asia, Goa and Lucknow:

Ramen Rush by chef Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar

Japanese restaurant Bento Bento, helmed by Chef Anumitra Ghosh Dastidar of Edible Archives fame, is holding Ramen Rush, a weekend-only ramen pop-up, which aims to capture the essence of traditional Japanese ramen, with a focus on simple, light and well-balanced flavours that bring umami to every mouthful. The selection will include options likeSamurai Pork Ramen, with a hearty yet light broth infused with togarashi accompanied by pork toppings. Another option, theYakei Chicken Ramen, will offer a similar broth, but with slices of sustainably raised chicken.The Vegan Temple Ramenis inspired by the vegan broths served at a temple in Kyoto. This ramen features a symphony of umami flavours with toppings of five vibrant colours, each representing a specific energy.

Ramen Rush

9-10 September

12:30 & 2 pm for lunch; 7 & 8:30 pm for dinner

Bento Bento, Indiranagar

Call or Whatsapp 9113887578 to book a table. All ramen bowls are priced at INR 550 each plus taxes.

Goa From Home by chef Shubhra Shankhwalker

Chef Shubhra Shankhwalker
Chef Shubhra Shankhwalker (The Conservatory)

Discover a trove of forgotten Saraswat recipes, crafted with love and care, as they make their way to The Conservatory, the exciting pop-up space in central Bengaluru. Goan cuisine is often misrepresented in today's world, believes Chef Shubhra Shankhwalker, who is dedicated to preserving the authentic Saraswat culinary tradition. At the heart of her timeless dishes is the spirit of 'Homemade,' using local ingredients and a touch of creativity. The recipes on the menu have been passed down through generations in her family and community, and the 4-course menu includes forgotten dishes like Visvanache Hooman, a kingfish curry; Chicken Xacuti with vade; Barille Bangde, a stuffed mackerel dish. In the vegetarian menu, there are dishes like Ambyadachi Uddamethi, a curry made of the hog plum and Karatyache Raite, a bitter gourd raita with peanuts (the menu may change depending on the availability of fresh, local produce).

8-9 September
Lunch & Dinner; 12:30PM & 7:30PM
The Conservatory, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru
Reservations; 3,600 per person

Qureshi-Ka-Darbar by chef Shahnawaz Qureshi

Bhatti ka Murg
Bhatti ka Murg

Chef Shahnawaz Qureshi has created a menu with some staples of Awadhi cuisine, from Galouti Kababs and Bhatti Ka Murg mixed up with more innovative dishes like Kashipuri Mirchi ki Salmon and Hare Mutter ki Shikampuri. The 10-day food pop-up will be hosted by the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel in Whitefield.

6-16 September, 7 PM - 11 PM
M Cafe, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield
Make reservations at +91 080 4943 5000; 1999/ plus taxes per person

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