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Five places in Mumbai to order modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi

Where to buy traditional ukdiche modaks for the most joyous festival in the city

Ukdiche modaks from The Nazareth Foundation. 
Ukdiche modaks from The Nazareth Foundation. 

Come Ganesh Chaturthi, and a particular sweet dumpling gets all the love and attention. Known as ukdiche modaks, they are stuffed with grated coconut, sweetened with jaggery and sealed in a pocket of steamed rice flour. They are believed to be Ganesha’s favourite sweet. Every year in Mumbai, home chefs, caterers and age-old Maharashtrian restaurants rise to the occasion. Here’s a verified list of places to get your hands on delicious, fresh ukdiche modaks. It is best to pre-order, for they are selling out fast, and remember to check the delivery rates. Serve them warm topped with a smidgen of ghee.

The Nazareth Foundation
It is a non-profit organisation that works with over 100 women from 15 villages of Aarey. Every year, a few days before Ganesh Chaturthi, they come together to make the festive treat ukdiche modak.

To preorder, call Blasia Pinto on 9920184909 and the last date is September 6
Price: 25 per modak and 300 for a box of 12.

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Aaswad Uphar and Mithai Grih
The 35-year-old Aaswad is known for its traditional Maharashtrian snacks like misal, sabudana vadas and kothimbir (coriander) vadi. Ukdiche modaks which pair best with hot chai are available through the year. During Ganesh Chaturthi, people queue up to get their hands on these modaks.

To preorder, call on 022 2445 1871
Price: 31 per piece

Ketkar Caterers
Their rotund ukdiche modaks are in high demand every year. They have already run out of modaks for September 10, day one of Ganesh Chaturthi. Over a call, they inform, “You can book for September 11.” Hurry.

To preorder, call on 9867329290
Price: 25 per piece

A home-chef venture in the Dadar—which is the heart of Mumbai and buzziest during Ganesh Chaturthi—their ukdiche modaks come packed for gifting and the package is perfect as an offering to the deity.

To preorder, call on 8928823774
Price: 249 for 11 pieces and 449 for 21 pieces

There is nothing quite like homemade ukdiche modaks. Dhamdhere is a home kitchen that’s churning out 10,000 modaks this year. But, don’t go by the numbers for orders are already pouring in.

To preorder, call on 8850285232
Price: 35 per modak and 635 for a box of 21.

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