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Regional delicacies on the festive menu, says report

A survey by the Godrej Food Trends Report 2023 reveals Indians are opting for local snacks made fresh by home chefs

India is going to see a rising demand of traditional snacks. (Stock photo, Freepik)
India is going to see a rising demand of traditional snacks. (Stock photo, Freepik)

This festive season home chefs will see a rising demand for snacks, there will be a preference for regional mithais, and consumers will spend more on healthy treats, says Godrej Food Trends Report 2023.

The survey is prepared with over 350+ thought leaders including celebrity chefs, home chefs, professional culinary experts, food bloggers, healthcare professionals, restaurateurs and nutritionists. It outlines four major trends that reflect a consumer’s evolving preference. These are underpinned by the curiosity to explore traditional foods, make healthier diet choices and fulfil the need for fresh and authentic flavours.

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Traditional snacks by home chefs

India’s culinary scene is looking at a significant rise in demand for traditional snacks from home chefs. A significant 47% of industry experts believe classic favourites like chakli, bhakarwadi, sev, among other traditional snacks, will gain ‘popularity’ driven by the persistent need for freshly prepared foods.

Greater demand for hyper regional sweets

75% of the panel also noted increased interest in hyper-regional sweet treats that celebrate flavours of specific regions of India. There is also a significant drive in innovation for this segment with over 99% of food experts predicting a rapid rise in demand for ‘special diet versions of traditional sweets.’

Traditional oils to get popular

According to 71% of the panel, those who like to prepare snacks and mithais from scratch will prefer desi oils, like ghee, over ‘imported options’. This is in addition to 50% of the experts indicating the rising demand for gourmet premium ghee varieties that reflects a renewed appreciation for rich and time-tested cooking mediums with authentic flavours.

Upsurge in kitchen appliances that use less oil

Consumers are veering towards healthy alternatives as the preferred mode of cooking. Around 60% of the panel has forecasted a surge in demand for healthy cooking gadgets like air-fryers and steamers which contribute towards a health-conscious lifestyle.

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