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Drew Barrymore's first cookbook to release soon

The actor and talk show host made the announcement with her 'culinary partner in crime'

The actor made the announcement about her cookbook on the The Drew Barrymore show. (The Drew Barrymore Show, YouTube)
The actor made the announcement about her cookbook on the The Drew Barrymore show. (The Drew Barrymore Show, YouTube)

Drew Barrymore, who is an actor, producer, director, talk show host, and entrepreneur, is adding a new achievement to her already impressive resume. The star will soon become a cookbook author!

As per People magazine, the 46-year-old star announced that she will be releasing her first cookbook titled Rebel Homemaker: Food, Family, Life, on Wednesday's episode of her daytime series. The book is set to release on November 2.

She also unveiled the cover alongside her "culinary partner in crime" Pilar Valdes, a chef who appears regularly on The Drew Barrymore Show. It features Barrymore looking adorable as she slurps pasta from a bowl.

"I feel like I'm about to burst because I'm so excited to tell everyone about it. It feels like a birth announcement," Barrymore said on the show before the big cover reveal with Valdes.

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"So you all know at this show, if you've ever watched it, how much we love cookbooks, how much we embrace it. And we have Cookbook Club, which is a very important part of the show. So guess what?" she added.

"We wrote a cookbook!" Barrymore and Valdes then exclaimed together, before unveiling the cover and some of the recipe photos from inside the book.

Barrymore said she decided to collaborate with Valdes, whom she met through food, on the book because she was inspired by how food and Valdes' friendship were "a huge saving grace and something I could hook into when my life felt so floating."

Expressing her excitement Valdes added, "We're totally tethered together. Us meeting was serendipity and a whole lot of luck, I think."

Barrymore opened up to People magazine last month about her love of food, saying that she became an "obsessed foodie" as she gained more life experiences in her twenties.

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"I started traveling the world, educating myself about food, learning who my favorite chefs were, and trying different restaurants. And that inspired me to then eventually start cooking in my 30s and 40s," she said.

The actor has a whole closet devoted to cookbooks and even hinted back then that she "might be" working on one of her own alongside her chef friend Valdes.

"Cookbooks are like schoolbooks for me, and I read them front to back. I love the stories. I love learning a technique," she told People magazine.

Barrymore is also passing the skills she has developed in the kitchen on to her daughters Frankie, and Olive.

"Olive makes incredible breakfast," she said. "She makes eggs and veggie sausages and toast. I recently posted an Instagram where I showed a breakfast she made for me when I was sick. She did it a hundred percent on her own, and it meant so much to me."

Apart from the upcoming cookbook, Barrymore is also launching her own lifestyle magazine titled Drew. The 46-year-old actor announced earlier this month that she will be launching Drew in June with Bauer Media Group.

The first issue of the magazine is set to debut exclusively at Walmart on June 14, 2021. The issue will then hit newsstands nationwide the following week.

She already has several product lines, including Flower Beauty, Flower Home, and the new kitchenware brand Beautiful under her belt.

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