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Dine-in open for 3 hours in Kolkata. Are restaurants happy?

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee announced restaurants and cafes can open for dinner

Restaurants in Kolkata will be allowed to open for dine-in from 5 pm to 8 pm. (Chiranjeeb Mitra, Unsplash)

Owners of restaurants and cafes are happy with West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee's decision to allow restaurants to open for three hours. They are waiting for the official notification to start business for limited hours amid covid-19 restrictions.

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The owner of the iconic Peter Cat and Mocambo in Park Street area, Nitin Kothari said he is happy with the announcement. He is ready to open Mocambo as a combined space for both the restaurants to function.

"As the window of three hours is a bit small, we have decided to only open Mocambo where food from both Peter Cat and Mocambo will be served in separate enclosures," Kothari said.

This means Peter Cat's unique Chello Kebab will be served in the premises of Mocambo. The latter is famous for dishes like Mixed Meat Rissotto, Chicken Pavlograd and lamb preparations.

"We are happy with the announcement as it will mark a new beginning after closure of the restaurants for over a month since May 1," he said.

Kothari said the restaurant staff of two outlets, situated on two sides of the road, will be put up for work at the Mocambo outlet and all were being vaccinated.

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Hotel and Restaurant Association of Eastern India President, Sudesh Poddar says, "We are happy with the three-hour window from 5 pm to 8 pm. Fine dining restaurants and bars will open while following the norms once the state issues a formal notification."

"We will be opening with 50 per cent of the seating capacity adhering to all covid-19 safety protocols once the notification comes," Poddar, also the owner of Manthan Restaurant, said.

The owner of Chowman, Oudh 1590 and Chapter 2 restaurant chains, Debaditya Chaudhury said, "It is great news for the food and beverage industry, but I personally don't think there will be much sales, since the dine-in timing is only from 5-8 pm, which is not the appropriate time for dinner."

"We will still keep our restaurants open and maintain all the necessary protocols starting from QR code menu to staff hygiene etc," he said, adding they were waiting for the official notification from the government to open.

With the covid-19 situation improving in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday announced that restaurants will be allowed to open for three hours in the evening, provided people working there are vaccinated

The eateries can be opened after the ongoing covid-related restrictions come to an end on June 15, she said.

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