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Visiting the US this year? Try these different types of pizzas

From Chicago to New York, several cities in the US have created their own version of the popular dish

Different varieties of pizza have become popular in the United States.
Different varieties of pizza have become popular in the United States. (Engin Akyurt, Pixabay)

In the United States, the pizza has found myriad iterations. For example, in Detroit, the pizza is shaped like a rectangle with edges of crispy baked cheese, while California’s pizzas celebrate the multicultural city with ingredients from different cuisines. On Friday, a Bloomberg article, titled The Pizza That’s Taking over the US, reported that Chicago’s tavern-style pizza is now gaining fans in America. Here are five regional styles of the popular dish that are a must-try if you are planning to visit the US this year.  

Chicago tavern-style pizza 

According to the Bloomberg article, tavern-style indicates that the pizza originated in taverns in Chicago in the 1940s. These pizzas have a thin and buttery crust loaded with toppings like Italian sausage, says the story. It is still famous in Chicago bars, and is cut into squares to make them convenient to eat with one hand, while holding a drink in the other.   

New York style pizza 

New Yorkers eat on-the-go, and fold a wedge of cheesy pizza to avoid spillage as they relish it on their way to work, school or college. An Eater story, A Complete Guide to New York City Pizza Styles, says a gas oven is commonly used for cooking, and dry mozzarella is the cheese of choice. Fresh mozzarella is not well suited for the long baking time required in a gas oven. 

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Detroit-style pizza 

Detroit-style pizza is cooked in a rectangular pan until the thick crust is caramelized and golden. A 2019 article, titled 6 places to get Detroit-style pizza in metro Detroit, by the news publication Detroit Free Press explains that the secret behind this crispy crust lies in covering it with cheese that bubbles over while baking.  

Colorado pizza 

The Colorado mountain pie is unique. It has a braided crust made with honey instead of sugar, which puffs up and acts as a barrier that fences the numerous toppings, ranging from bell peppers to ricotta and spinach. The pizza is baked in a gas oven for only 10 minutes, reports Taste Atlas.  

California pizza 

California is home to people from different cultures across the world and its pizza is a reflection of its multicultural identity. Chefs began to experiment with ingredients from different cuisines. Californians are conscious about their health and veganism is an intrinsic part of the dining scene. Fresh produce, locally sourced ingredients and innovative toppings define pizzas from this city.  

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