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Delivered with love from Korea

Embark on a Seoul-full adventure with Masque's new delivery menu

The Seoul Food menu at Masque.
The Seoul Food menu at Masque.

If there’s one aspect of Korea that can give K-drama and K-pop a run for their money, it is that country’s food. Their banchan, or side dishes, are a smorgasbord of flavour, colour and tongue-tickling sauces. Digging into grilled meats and veggies, hot off the barbeque, makes dining at a Korean restaurant a Seoul-full adventure. In Mumbai, Masque has introduced a new food delivery service, just for this weekend, infused with the thrill of bringing this barbeque experience home. Named Seoul Food, it features an elaborate Korean menu paired with a bottle of Malbec wine from Terrazas Andes, and comes with an eco-friendly, single-use grill with charcoal.

“Our team was discussing what we could deliver to our guests that was new and exciting; something that you wouldn’t come across often in Mumbai. Someone mentioned how cool it would be to set up a Korean BBQ at home. We began by searching for the grill, and came across a company named CasusGrill that makes single-use, eco-friendly mini grills that fit the bill perfectly,” says Prateek Sadhu, executive chef and co-owner of Masque. He collaborated with Michelin-starred chef Mingoo Kang from the restaurant Mingles in Seoul to craft the menu. The stalwart chefs are friends and they have shared notes on cooking.

The single-use, eco-friendly mini grill that will delivered home along with the food.
The single-use, eco-friendly mini grill that will delivered home along with the food.

Masque, established in 2016, transformed the restaurant scene in Mumbai with its ingredient-focused tasting menu high on flavour and allure. Season after season, it captivated diners with innovative flair by fermenting, pickling and brining ingredients. Two years ago, it launched a monsoon menu with corn puris stuffed with lemon chilli broth and topped with caviar. They had fermented and pickled the chillies for two weeks. Imagination is all it takes.

This ethos translated into their delivery menu when the lockdown was announced last year. They launched the chef’s pick experience on weekends—a Masque team member would craft the menu or they collaborated with chefs. The food would be delivered home in a large picnic basket. When the lockdown was lifted, they introduced a tailgate experience where the menu was redesigned yet again: diners were invited to eat in their cars while following social-distancing protocols. Food included lamb pastrami sandwich, crispy prawn burgers, pork tacos and lots of fries.

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In lockdown 2.0, they have come back with a bang by launching the Korean BBQ at home menu. Sadhu says, “Flavours aside, what I like about Korean food—and I often draw this parallel to Indian cuisines—is the culture of eating with so many small plates and condiments around the table that we can share and dip into, and enjoying a meal family-style. Banchan is one of my favourite aspects of Korean food; each bite is different." Say hallyu to the watermelon kimchi sorbet.

A set menu for two costs Rs. 8000 plus taxes, which includes the grill, coal, and fan, as well a bottle of Terrazas de los Andes Malbec. Delivery across Mumbai, Alibaug and Lonavala. To preorder, call 9819069222.

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