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Comorin comes to Mumbai for a weekend pop-up

The Gurugram restaurant that specialises in sous vide gin cocktails and regional Indian food will be in the city for a two-day pop-up

Champaran mutton (left); and Bihari sev boondi served with saffron rassa and ice cream.
Champaran mutton (left); and Bihari sev boondi served with saffron rassa and ice cream.

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What guest appearances in films are to movie goers, pop-ups in restaurant are to diners. They bring a dose of newness and excitement to a narrative. The pandemic has proved that restaurant pop-ups and bar takeovers keep diners coming back for more. From standalone restaurants to five-star hotels and exclusive clubs, pop-ups have become integral to dining experiences.

This weekend, the award winning all-day restaurant Comorin will host a weekend pop-up at the members-only club Jolie’s in Mumbai. Dig into regional specialties accompanied by sous vide gin cocktails—the two defining aspects of the Gurugram-based restaurant. The menu features their signature dishes: the succulent Champaran mutton, the innovative masala avocado papad and the Instagram-worthy Bihari sev boondi served with saffron rassa and ice cream. Their food is often perceived to be contemporary Indian, but it’s a misnomer, says restaurateur Rohit Khattar, founder and chairman, EHV International, the parent company of Comorin. “We offer regional Indian dishes that are popular, like the pav bhaji, as well as unique, such as the Champaran mutton. You will see them presented differently but they retain their authenticity.”

The drinks menu encompasses the regional essence with homemade liqueurs, like dark khus vermouth and fennel liqueur. These are used to make their signature craft cocktails, such as Comorin 75 (sous vide gin-infused with rhododendron flowers, marigold, lavender, green cardamom, citrus, sparkling wine); Cuban Sour clarified (aged rum, spice mix, mole wine bitters and wine foam) and Neer More (green chili-infused tequila, yoghurt whip, velvet falernum, caraway liqueur).

Speaking about the collaboration, Utpal Biyani, CEO, Aditya Birla New Age, the parent company of Jolie’s says, “Comorin is an accomplished establishment and has been ranked high in prestigious restaurant listings. We want to create some excitement for our members with these experiences.”

A team of about 12 chefs and mixologists, including celebrated chef Manish Mehrotra, chef Dhiraj Dargan and bartender Varun Sharma, will be in Mumbai for this experience. They have carried special ingredients that would be impossible to find in Mumbai. There’s the appetising buknu masala sourced from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh and Jakhya (Himalayan dog mustard) from the mountains of Uttrakhand. Diners can strike up a conversation with the chefs to know more.

The dinners are on April 7 and 8 and lunches on April 8 and 9. Non-members can request a table of maximum 4 people at 

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