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6 places in Amritsar for an authentic food experience

Here's where you need to go for the best Amritsari kulchas, parathas and lassi

Amritsar is a food lover's haven.
Amritsar is a food lover's haven. (Tejas, Pexels)

Amritsar is such an iconic food destination that its name is used as an adjective to describe dishes. Think, Amritsari kulchas, parathas, fish tikka, and lassi. Here’s a list of the OG places in the city that will give you an authentic Amritsari food experience.

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  1. Beera Chicken House: For the love of tandoori chicken
    Be ready to be impressed by the succulent, juicy flavours of tandoori chicken cooked to perfection at this iconic dhaba on Majitha Road. With a legacy of over half a century, Beera Chicken House is the go-to place for tandoori chicken. Unlike the traditional red-coloured tandoori chicken found everywhere, Beera has an entirely different take on this dish, which is marinated in whole spices and roasted. Pair it some hot and crispy naan, and their version of butter chicken.

Where: 100 Majitha Rd, Opposite Bhandari Hospital, Bhawani Nagar
Price for two: Approximately  500

2. Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner: A pescatarian paradise
There is no better place than Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner for all those who crave fish. From being a small food joint serving a wide variety of fish delicacies, Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner has turned into a swanky air-conditioned restaurant with an elaborate menu. But nothing compares to the quintessential Amritsari Fish Tikka, perfectly cooked and sprinkled with their secret spices. Other dishes to try here are Fish Do Pyaza, Tandoori Fish and some chicken delicacies like Chicken Tikka and Chicken Methi Malai.

Where: 21A, Near Madaan Hospital Makhan Chowk, Majitha Road

Price for two: Approximately  500-800

3. Kesar Da Dhaba: A vegetarian’s haunt

For all the vegetarians in the house, there is no better place than this small dhaba in a narrow lane in the Golden Temple complex. Running housefull since 1916, when it was in Sheikhupura, Pakistan and later in Amritsar, Kesar Da Dhaba serves the most delicious butter-dripping stuffed parathas, baingan bharta, palak paneer and channa. The paratha thali with crispy laccha paratha, maa ki dal, palak paneer, kadhai paneer, raita, and salad is a must-have too.

Where: Chowk Passian, Gali Rajpura, near Telephone Exchange, About 1 km from Golden Temple

Price for two: Approximately  500-600 

4. Ahuja Lassi: A creamy delight

No trip to Amritsar is complete with a pit stop at Ahuja Lassi. Locals and tourists flock to this tiny shop for a glass of creamy goodness. People make a beeline much before the shop opens to get a tumbler of flavourful lassi generously garnished with malai and dry fruits. Even celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan have been spotted here.

Serving deliciously flavoured lassis since 1950, this shop boasts a long menu with myriad varieties of lassis. Though the favourite is still their original kesar lassi, they now have sugar-free options too. Besides lassi, they sell traditional sweets made in pure ghee, making perfect gifts to take back home.

Where: B.K. Dutt Gate, Dhab Khatikan, Near Hindu College

Price for two: Approximately  200 

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5. Adarsh Meat Shop: A mecca for meat lovers

This hole-in-the-wall eatery has a huge fan following, with a long line of Mercedes parked outside, waiting for their order. Brain curry, mutton tikka and mutton curry are the cult favourites here served with hot and crispy kulchas. But what sets this decrepit meat shop apart is the mutton chaap. This mutton delicacy is slow-cooked in ghee and shallow fried, making it tender, juicy and melt-in-the-mouth.

Where: C Block, Ranjit Avenue

Price for two: Approximately  200 

6. All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha: For the city’s signature food

Amritsar is synonymous with crisp and flaky flatbread stuffed with mashed potato and a dollop of butter, popularly called Kulcha. Served with spicy chickpeas gravy and tamarind chutney, it is nothing short of gastronomic divinity.

You will find this delicacy in every nook and corner of the city, but the best place to sample the legendary Amritsari Kulcha is the 60-year-old All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha. This small inconspicuous shop might not look fancy, but it dishes out lip-smacking kulchas smeared with oodles of butter. Their speciality is a seven-layered kulcha with a stuffing of cauliflower, potato, and cottage cheese. Pair it with a cup of tea for an unforgettable experience.

Where: Shop No 1, Basant Avenue, Purani Chungi, Maqbool Road
Price for two: Approximately  200

Shweta Dravid is a self confessed explorer who writes on travel, health, wellness, mindfulness and life truths.

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