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Barbie-inspired foods enter the menu

With pink popcorn, pop-up cafés and more, the Barbie fever spills over into the food space

The Barbie movie has collaborated with many food brands like Krispy Kreme in the Philippines (pictured).
The Barbie movie has collaborated with many food brands like Krispy Kreme in the Philippines (pictured). (@krispykremeph, Instagram)

Barbie fever has officially hit the world, and it's bringing all things pink with it. The movie, which is scheduled to release in India on 21 July, has recently partnered with multiple brands to bring limited-edition products to stores. An ongoing Twitter thread by marketing strategist Moshe Isaacian (@MosheIsaacian) highlights all the brands that the movie has partnered with for Barbie-themed food, beverages, and even video game consoles to create a buzz. The thread, that started on June 27, currently has over 140 lakh views and 1 lakh likes.

The thread mentions a Barbie pop-up café called Malibu Barbie Café which opened on 7 June and will continue to operate till 15 September in Chicago and New York City. The décor is completely pink and the menu for both cafés has been created by chef Becky Brown, who was a semifinalist on MasterChef US in 2012. Diners can opt for an all-day brunch menu with dishes like wedge salads and rainbow pancakes. It can be followed with selfies in the life-sized Barbie box at the café. Similarly, the American beverage brand Swoon which sells zero-sugar drinks has partnered with the movie for a pink lemonade collaboration.  

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In the Philippines, popular doughnut chain Krispy Kreme joined hands with the movie to create Barbie fried goodies, with two special creations that have edible glitter, sprinkles, and exclusive Barbie toppings. The collaboration was announced on their Instagram account (@krispykremeph).  In Brazil, too, fast-food chain Burger King has collaborated with the movie to bring a limited-edition hot pink burger with pink sauce to its customers, which was announced on their Instagram account (@burgerkingbr) on 13 July.

In theatres, such as AMC Theatres and Cinemark, in the United States, audiences can buy novelty Barbie popcorn buckets, shaped like Barbie cars, and drinking cups while watching the movie. These items will come with their own Barbie dolls too. In London, a snacks company called PROPER will be launching a pop-up shop from 20-23 July to celebrate the new release, with aisles filled with their limited-edition sweet popcorn.   

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