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Want a Margot-rita? Yes, Barbie

Celebrate your inner Barbie with special cocktails, brunch menus and desserts inspired by the movie

Margot-rita at LUPA in Bengaluru.
Margot-rita at LUPA in Bengaluru.

Now that the Barbie movie is out, what’s a better way to fangirl than by indulging in themed food and drinks which come in all shades of pink. These restaurants and eateries will make you feel like you’re living in a Barbie world.

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Alt. Pizza, Bengaluru
Alt. Pizza in Koramangala, Bengaluru brings you a special Barbie meal with pink sauce pasta and a mocktail made with cotton candy. The best part is that the meal is free with your ticket for the movie if you post a story and tag their Instagram account ( The offer runs till 28 July.

Fresh Catch, Mumbai
Catch up with friends over seafood and an exclusive drink to celebrate the Barbie movie at Fresh Catch in Mumbai. The restaurant, which is located in Bandra West, has curated a new drink, named Barbie’s Catch, for the movie’s release which is, of course, pink in colour.

Café Plume, Bengaluru
On 29 July, café Plume in Indiranagar offers diners a chance to eat like Barbie, with a French style afternoon tea. The event will include pink pastries, like raspberry macarons, and savoury treats like beetroot waffles and ricotta gazpacho. Sip on hibiscus iced tea and unwind.

LUPA, Bengaluru
With the continuing feud between the two blockbusters, Barbie and Oppenheimer, LUPA in Bengaluru has curated two special cocktails inspired by both the movies. Enjoy a pink Margot-rita with sweet foam on top, or give into the drama of The Chain Reaction cocktail, which is topped with a burning piece of paper.

Baskin Robbins, any location
After a screening of the movie, grab some dessert at any Baskin Robbins store as an exclusive mermaid sundae is being offered in celebration of the movie. The sweet treat involves a creamy scoop of ice cream topped with a chocolate mermaid tail and sparkles, to end the occasion on the perfect note.

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