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A pop-up with dishes from Meghalaya comes to Delhi

Fruits, spices and grains from the Northeast make their way to the capital

Assorted chutneys and tea pannacotta at The Meghalaya Kitchen pop-up.
Assorted chutneys and tea pannacotta at The Meghalaya Kitchen pop-up.

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Pop-ups have unlocked possibilities for chefs, restaurants and diners. Thankfully, most of them are reserved for the weekend, and there are a mere handful that extend beyond Sunday.

One such experience is The Meghalaya Kitchen at The Park in Connaught Place, Delhi NCR. It runs from April 14 to 21 and features umami-rich dishes from the Northeastern state. The menu has been conceptualised by Tanisha Phanbuh who hails from Shillong. She describes herself as a food connoisseur with a deep interest in cuisines of the Northeast. Phanbuh participated in the season six of Masterchef India and has an online cake shop on her website, Her food brand, Tribal Gourmet, serves as a platform for information on foods from the Northeast on Instagram (@tribalgourmet); and she hosts pop-ups in restaurants across Delhi under this label.

For the experiential menu at The Park Hotel, Phanbuh sourced wild greens, fruits, spices and grains from Meghalaya. The first course has a selection of chutneys—an amalgamation of sweet, sour, salty and umami—to open the palate. It comes with a serving of potatoes which does what most carbs do: act as a medium to carry flavours. The main course includes a fish preparation with perilla seeds that grow abundantly in the hills of Northeast. For dessert, Phanbuh made a sweet treat with a twist. Tea is an intrinsic part of the cuisine of Meghalaya and she drew inspiration from it to make a tea panna cotta. She picked the sweetish, fleshy fruit named Sohiong in Meghalaya and prepared a jam. In the post on the Instagram page of Tribal Gourmet about this dish, she informs the fruit grows in the Khasi and Jaintia hills. The panna cotta is streaked with the jam and topped with crunchy puffed rice. It promises to be a delicious and fulfilling meal, complete with flavours from the hills.

Dates: 14-21 April, 2023
Dinner: 7-11.30 pm
Price for two:  4000 approx.
Contact: 965443309 / 9654203076
Address: The Park Hotel, 15, Sansad Marg, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, Delhi NCR.

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