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5 places in Lucknow for melt-in-the-mouth kebabs

From street-side eateries to premium restaurants, the city of Nawabs offers a remarkable variety of kebabs

Lucknow serves some of the best kebabs in the country (Photo Courtesy: Suad Kamardeen, Unsplash)
Lucknow serves some of the best kebabs in the country (Photo Courtesy: Suad Kamardeen, Unsplash)

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Lucknow is believed to be the centre of Awadhi cuisine, and their kebabs are especially famous for their taste and variety. They are enjoyed in the city as a meal with naan or as snacks in the evening. Here are five of the best spots to try the world-famous Lucknowi kebabs.  

Tunday Kababi, Aminabad Chowk 

Tunday Kababi, which was established in 1905, is one of the most iconic places in Lucknow for kebabs. As per a Hindustan Times article from 2020, the name comes from a Mughal-era khansama, Haji Murad Ali, who had one arm. In Urdu, a person with just one hand was referred to as ‘tunday.’ Therefore, the kebabs he made were referred to as tunday ke kebabs. It is said these have over 160 spices, fried cashew paste and raw papaya paste that add a depth of flavour. The menu also offers other kebabs like shammi and galouti kebabs. 
Prices start at  120. 

Dastarkhwan, Hazratganj 

Situated in Hazratganj, this restaurant offers everything from aromatic mutton korma to spicy fish tikka. However, their boti kebabs, made with chunks (not minced) of meat, are a crowd favourite. They meat generally comes from the leg of the lamb. The restaurant also has an outlet in Kaiserbagh, which sells the same delicious food. 
Prices for the kebabs start at  160. 

Naushijaan, Tulsi Theatre Building 

Seekh kebabs are a must-try for anyone who visits Lucknow, and Naushijaan in Tulsi Theatre Building sells some of the best ones in the city. The meat cooked over charcoal has an umami-rich smoky flavour. Another speciality is the ghutwa kebabs, which are served as meatballs or mince, in a dry gravy. The restaurant also offers other types of kebabs, like chappli kebab, which uses minced meat to make a patty. 
The kebabs  are priced between  90-200.  

Sakhawat Restaurant, Kaiserbagh 

For some of the best shami kebabs in town, a visit to Sakhawat restaurant in Kaiserbagh is a must. The kebabs are so tender and juicy that they melt in your mouth. They taste best when wrapped in rumali roti along with a fresh green chutney made out of coriander and mint. The restaurant also serves biryani and rogan josh, in case you’re looking for something more. 
Prices start at  70 for the kebabs.  

Falak Numa Restaurant, Hazratganj 

It is a rooftop restaurant, located in Hotel Clarks Avadh, that serves not just delicious food, but also offers great views of Begum Hazrat Mahal Park. The kakori kebab, a Lucknow speciality which were traditionally only made on special occasions, are flavoured with cardamom, saffron, cashew paste, and in some cases, rose petals. The restaurant also serves vegetarian options like sabz galawat, which are a substitute for  meaty galouti kebabs. 
Prices for the kebabs start at  690.  

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