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5 food events you must not miss this week

From a selection of all-natural cocktails to a new dessert menu, infused with the goodness of coffee, the week ahead is packed with delicious food events

 A new Affogato menu at Maverick & Farmer

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The creamy goodness of Affogato

Now savour a whole new Affogato menu at Maverick & Farmer, Bengaluru, made with a scoop of Magnolia Bakery’s three delicious ice cream flavours. These are then drowned in the cafe’s signature espresso, making this a treat for all coffee aficionados. The three ice cream flavours—vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel—are transformed into Classic, Coco and Cocoa, Cara-Mellow at Maverick & Farmer. While the Classic brings together vanilla and coffee, the Coco and Cocoa—as the name suggests—combines coconut, white chocolate, chocolate ice cream and espresso. The menu is available all through July and August at Maverick & Farmer, Ulsoor, Bengaluru, between 8.30 am-10.30 pm

A new menu at By The Mekong, The St Regis, Mumbai
A new menu at By The Mekong, The St Regis, Mumbai

Robust Asian flavours

By the Mekong, the Oriental dining restaurant at The St Regis Mumbai, now has an all-new menu created by Raymond Wong, who has just taken over as the Master Chef Asian. As one gets panoramic views of Mumbai's skyline, one can savour dishes crafted with exotic ingredients and infused with robust flavours. The focus is on home-style cooking, elevated to the fine-dining level. Some of the highlights include the Chiang Mai-style sea bass with chilli and green peppercorn sauce, Singaporean chilli crab and Golden Mantou Bao, banana leaf-wrapped pomfret Saigon style, and more. You can round up the meal with a pandan custard, thap tim krob and an ice cream coupe. Available at By The Mekong, The St Regis, Mumbai, 7 pm-12 am

Vienna Spritz at The Chatter House, New Delhi
Vienna Spritz at The Chatter House, New Delhi

Going natural with cocktails

The Chatter House, New Delhi, has just introduced its syrup-free menu. This essentially means that all the liqueurs, syrups, cordials and essences are being made in-house with natural ingredients. Some of the cocktails to try as part of the new 14 House Specials Cocktails segment includes a Nihon Cha, a whiskey-based drink, Gilrean’s, which brings together tequila blanco and homemade tarragon syrup,and the Summer Sip, a light-bodied gin-based cocktail. These drinks can be paired with a range of vegan, gluten-free and healthy meal options like beetroot and feta kebab, fenugreek corn and smoked salmon with Nicoise salad. At The Chatter House, Nehru Place and Khan Market, New Delhi, 12 pm to 1 am

A slice of Goa

Reimagining the flavours of Goa
Reimagining the flavours of Goa

The Lodhi, Delhi will hold a pop-up with the South Goan restaurant Cavatina, the brainchild of Chef Avinash Martins, offering contemporary Goan food. Chef Martins, who offers a refreshing take on age-old recipes, reimagining the local cuisine of South Goa and adding a modern twist to it, has curated both an exquisite Tapas menu as well as a seven-coursemeal for the pop-up. Some of the dishes on the menu will include mushroom bisque, tender coconut and water chestnut crudo, dehydrated koyloleo cannoli with veg caldin, banana-leaf wrapped seabass and duck cabidel, among other things. The pop-up is on at Elan, The Lodhi, New Delhi between July 15 and 23, open for both lunch and dinner.

Of chocolate and churros

Crispy churros taste best dipped in chocolate
Crispy churros taste best dipped in chocolate

The pastry team at the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru have curated a special menu, offering a bespoke range of hot chocolate and handcrafted churros. Sip on hot chocolate served with marshmallows and chocolate flakes in flavours such as salted caramel and hazelnut and saffron and turmeric, and bite into cinnamon or oreo churros served with caramel and chocolate sauce and cheese frosting. The churros and chocolate menu is available at The Lobby Lounge and Terrace Four Seasons, Bengaluru, till July 17th from 11 am onwards. Call 7619146004 for reservations.


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