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World Vegan month: 3 YouTubers to bookmark for recipes

These chefs and video creators cover the gamut of vegan cooking, from detailed recipes to meal planning

A vegan veggie bowl. (Photo: Jo Sonn, Unsplash)
A vegan veggie bowl. (Photo: Jo Sonn, Unsplash)

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Today is day one of the World Vegan Month. Earlier this week, Lounge published a story on vegan shopping. If you like to cook, and you are dabbling with the idea of veganism, here’s a list of three brilliant YouTubers. They will help you ease into vegan cooking with a wide range of recipes while deep diving into meal planning.

Pick Up Limes
Sadia Badiei, a certified dietician, started to upload vegan recipes on YouTube as a hobby about five years ago on her channel, PickUpLimes. Her colourful dishes and charming personality caught on with viewers and she became one of the biggest content creators on the platform with over 3 million subscribers. The best part about her recipe videos is that she is full of suggestions for substitutes. Being a dietician helps too, her recipes—from mains, desserts, drinks, snacks to condiments—are packed with nutrition. Some of her most popular videos are the ones that talk about weekly meal plans or feature several lunchbox ideas.

The Minimalist Baker
If you have a close one who is vegan and it’s their birthday, The Minimalist Baker is your one stop shop for cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, popsicles and more. Dana and John Schultz, the founders, launched the blog 10 years ago which was followed by the YouTube channel, and they’ve grown from strength to strength. Along with sweet treats and desserts, they have an array of savoury dishes with roasts, salads and sauces.

Sweet Potato Soul
Vegan chef and blogger Jenné Claiborne has a bunch of engaging videos on vegan recipes for pregnant women on her YouTube channel SweetPotatoSoul. There are vegan hacks for new moms, prepping meals for a vegan toddler and back-to-school meal preps. Her disarming honesty about life updates and how it intersects with her vegan lifestyle is her biggest USP. Few months ago, she released a video about taking a break and coming back with better content. One hopes that it will be worth the wait.

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