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Plan a weekend potluck with these recipes for sushi bake

This dish brings together all elements of sushi, minus the cumbersome process of rolling the perfect sushi

Sushi bake from a muffin pan (left) and casserole (right).
Sushi bake from a muffin pan (left) and casserole (right). (Screen grabs from @guamfoodblog and @takestwoeggs)

Sushi bake is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese dish that brings together the flavors of sushi in a convenient and shareable baked casserole form. This innovative culinary creation has gained popularity in the recent months. It’s become so popular that the New York Times food section, Cooking, carried a recipe for sushi bake.

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At its core, sushi bake combines the elements of a sushi roll with the layered presentation of a casserole. The dish typically consists of a base of sushi rice, followed by a mixture of cooked and seseafood like crab or salmon mixed with creamy mayonnaise-based sauces and cream cheese, and is served topped with avocados or cucumber. The layers have a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and seaweed or furikake flakes for added texture and visual appeal. Once the casserole is perfectly baked, it’s cut into bite-sized squares and served like a parcel on a piece of nori sheet.

What sets sushi bake apart is its approachable nature. Unlike traditional sushi-making, which requires a certain level of skill to roll perfectly, sushi bake is easy to assemble. This makes it an easy and fun option for those looking to enjoy the flavours of sushi without the learning the skill to roll sushis.

The dish's versatility is another reason for its popularity. Sushi bake can be customized to suit various tastes and dietary preferences. From incorporating different types of seafood to experimenting with sauces and toppings, there's room for much creativity. There are recipes for vegans too. It’s a perfect dish for potlucks and weekend get-togethers.

The most popular version of the sushi bake is the one cooked in a casserole, but one can experiment with a muffin pan too. The muffin wrappers are replaced with nori sheets and the end result is an adorable sushi treat perfect for young fussy eaters.

Here are two ways with sushi bake.

  1.  Sushi bake in a muffin pan

2. Sushi bake in a casserole

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