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3 viral recipes to power through the week

Quick wholesome wraps, gooey yolk with a crispy base and mini pancakes with a variety of toppings

Viral wrap hack (left); and egg feta recipe.
Viral wrap hack (left); and egg feta recipe. (Screenshots @plan.healthymeal and @mediterraneandiet_mealplan, Instagram)

One of the best discoveries on social media are viral recipes. They make life simpler and far more delicious. Those who like to experiment with recipes, find a creative outlet with genius hacks. The who like breakfast—or breakfast dishes for lunch and dinner—these recipes are for you.

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Wrap hack

A wrap neatly folded four times, like a dainty hankie, took social media by storm for the sheer innovation with fillings. It’s the Marie Kondo of recipes. The wrap can accommodate several fillings that won’t make a mess; ergo, it will ‘spark joy’. In this video, you will learn nine ways to make this wrap with stuffings inspired by different countries. Watch, learn and have fun.

Feta egg

If your life needs a new breakfast recipes, watch this reel. Lightly fried feta, top with egg and a runny yolk placed on avocado mash and even with a tortilla or bread slice is not just breakfast food; it can be eaten for lunch, dinner and as a snack. The feta turns crispy elevating the whole experience. Skip the avocado for onion relish or tomatoes lightly tossed in oil. Basically, do your thing to make the most of eggs cooked over crispy friend feta.

Mini pancake cereal

This is the ultimate mid-week treat. Perhaps it’s a guilty indulgence if you are on a diet. But, excuse yourself for cheating. Fill a squeezy bottle with pancake batter. Then heat a pancake pan, add a bit of oil and squeeze out coin-sized portions of batter. Make enough to fill two bowls (for two people) portioned like cereals. Add milk or yogurt, your choice of toppings—from fresh fruits to nuts—a sweetener and enjoy spoonfuls of it.

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