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3 viral pasta recipes to try this weekend

One-pot French onion rigatoni, a creamy baked Feta penne dish and the famous Gigi Hadid vodka pasta for an indulgent weekend

Try fun pasta recipes for an indulgent weekend.
Try fun pasta recipes for an indulgent weekend. (Pixzolo Photography, Unsplash)

Viral pasta dishes are proof that cooking can be fun and fulfilling with delicious results. These pasta dishes are creamy, flavour-rich and can be readied under 40 minutes for a weekend meal. Pair them with your favourite wine or cocktail for a complete experience. Stock up on onion, parsley, basil and parmesan. Here are the recipes:

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Viral baked feta pasta
This dish calls for a block of feta cheese and lots of cherry tomatoes that burst to release their appetising tangy juices during baking. The charming food content creator, Natasha Kravchuk, shows how to make it from scratch in a detailed manner. She uses penne, but you could pick fettuccine, rigatoni and even spaghetti. While hers is a vegetarian dish, you could add pieces of tender chicken and garnish with slices of boiled egg. Using a chunk of feta cheese she says is the “easiest way to make a super rich flavoured sauce for pasta.” Pair it with a crisp white wine to cut through the cream.

One-pot French onion pasta
What’s more comforting than French onion soup? Perhaps using the recipe to make a pasta. No doubt this recipe went viral on TikTok as people created their versions of the one-pot French onion pasta. Here’s a quick video of this soulful dish with a generous amount of parmesan cheese grated on top. Make sure to pair it with your favourite French wine and end with a classic mille-feuille.

Gigi Hadid’s vodka-pasta
The best is saved for the last. In the lockdown, the famous model Gigi Hadid posted a recipe of this dish on her Instagram stories with detailed instructions and ingredient measurements, and it took social media by storm. It has tomato pasta, chilli flakes, cream, cheese and orchette. The final dish is spicy and creamy, and is perfect when you are looking to indulge a little bit. Pair it with a refreshing cocktail.

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