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3 recipes for regional new year festivities

This week is filled with new year celebrations across various communities in India. Enjoy the festivities with regional recipes

Rice dishes are part of Gudi Padwa and Cheti Chand celebrations.
Rice dishes are part of Gudi Padwa and Cheti Chand celebrations. (Freepik)

Today is a day of festivities to mark the beginning of a new year among several communities in India. Marathis will regale in the festivities of Gudi Padwa; Andhrites will welcome new beginnings with Ugadi; and Sindhis will celebrate Cheti Chand. Later this week, there’s Poila Boisakh in West Bengal, Bohag Bihu in Assam and Puthandu is Tamil Nadu. Each festival comes alive with a variety of celebratory dishes. Here are three festive-special recipes from different communities:

Kesari Bhaat for Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra

Kesari bhaat translates to saffron rice. As the name suggests, it is enriched with saffron and dry fruits. While cooking, ensure the grains don’t clump together. It can be prepared under 30 minutes and enjoyed without any accompaniments.

Kayi Holige for Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh

Holige is a roti stuffed with a sweet filling. It is the Telegu counterpart of the Maharashtrian puran poli. This is slightly different recipe where the stuffing is made with coconut instead of channa dal. Also, it contains a lot of oil and ghee and is rolled it in a banana leave for a lovely flavour and aroma. If banana leaf is unavailable, the video suggests substituting it with baking paper. Serve with some more ghee.

Sindhi Tahiri and dry chole for Cheti Chand

Tahiri is the Sindhi version of kesari bhaat. It is paired with a dry preparation of spicy chickpeas for a play of flavours. The sweetness of the tahiri (saffron rice) offsets the savoury chickpeas for a wholesome and delicious experience.

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