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3 recipes for trendy roll-ups with tortilla and lasagna

Take your pick from recipes for bacon, turkey and vegan roll-ups

Tortilla roll-ups make for perfect bite-sized party snacks.
Tortilla roll-ups make for perfect bite-sized party snacks. (Freepik)

The festive party season is here. While ready-to-cook and easy-to-fry options are a no-brainer, if you have some extra time in hand, make roll-ups for intimate gatherings or potluck. Here are three options to choose from.

For bacon lovers

With crunchy almond, crowd-favourite bacon and loads of cheddar cheese, these tortilla roll-ups make for addictive party snacks. The trick is to keep the roll in the fridge before slicing it into bite-sized pieces. It will ensure that the stuffing stays put, and there’s no fear of spillage while eating. Make sure the stuffing is not too thick and the cheese isn’t gooey. Although the recipe has tortilla, feel free to swap it with millet rotis and make it your own. It will go famously with a large mug of refreshing Indian Pale Ale, refreshing mojito or a simple G&T.

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Packed with turkey

This quick recipe is perfect for potlucks. The colourful layers are tailor-made for Instagram; overall, they are made to impress. With fresh spinach, turkey and cheese, there’s very little to not like. Once again, remember to slice the roll after it’s been the fridge for a few hours. Get a crisp white wine, preferably a Sauvignon Blanc, with hints of green apple to go with these pretty snacks. A nice champagne or Prosecco will up the ante. Although the name of the dish says summer recipe, if you live in a hot and humid city (like Mumbai), it can be made all year round.

For vegans

The best is reserved for the last. It’s a lasagna roll-up with vegan cheese baked with marinara sauce. It’s a dish that will instantly put you in a celebratory mood. Mushrooms, onions and spinach are lightly stir-fried with soy sauce, and mixed with a generous portion of hummus. This stuffing is placed on lasagna sheets and rolled. These go into a baking tray, placed over marinara sauce and topped with vegan cheese. The end result is comforting and delicious.

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