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3 regional recipes for Diwali snacks

Prepare your festive platter with anarsa from Bihar, murukku from Tamil Nadu and farsi puri from Gujarat

Anarsa by YouTuber Nisha Madhulika.
Anarsa by YouTuber Nisha Madhulika. (NishaMadhulika, YouTube)

Something sweet, a touch of salt and a pinch of spice will complete your generous Diwali platter. In the spirit of celebrating the diversity of regional snacks during the festive season, here are three easy recipes from Bihar, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. There is something for everyone in this list.

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Anarsa from Bihar

This fermented rice dough snack is unique to Bihar and parts of Uttar Pradesh as well as Nepal. It requires only five ingredients—rice dough, sugar, milk, poppy seeds and ghee to fry. The dough can be prepared ahead and used for weeks, if stored well in the fridge. In this video, YouTuber extraordinaire Nisha Madhulika breaks down the recipe of this festive treat into simple steps to leave little room for error. Fermenting the dough is an important step and then it’s just about frying it right. Watch this recipe video to know more.

Farsi puri from Gujarat

These disc-shaped, deep fried, thick puris make for perfect tea-time snacks. Spiced with pepper, cumin and ajwain, they are the best antidote to saccharine sweet mithais in the Diwali platter. They can be crushed and added to chaats for extra crunch. Gujaratis are bound to make a chaat with them served with a few spoons of curd and khatta-mitha chutneys. These are perfect make-ahead snacks, and will last for days.

Murukku from Tamil Nadu

Diwali is about a week away, and here’s another make-ahead snack option. There’s still time to order a murukku-maker online, and opt for quick delivery. It’s easy to prepare, and this recipe is perfect for rookie cooks. Infact, it’s one of those snacks that feel difficult to cook, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly simple to recreate. It’s another chai-time favourite, but since it’s murukku do consider serving it with a cup of steaming hot filter coffee.

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