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Five sabudana recipes for those fasting this monsoon

Monsoon is the season for fasting across a few communities in India, and sabudana is an essential food ingredient during this time of the year

Sabudana khichdi (pictured) is the perfect breakfast to start off your day.
Sabudana khichdi (pictured) is the perfect breakfast to start off your day. (VD Photography, Unsplash)

Shravan is an auspicious season in Maharashtra and various communities fast with strict dietary restrictions. This year, Shravan began on 4 July and will continue until 31 August. Foods made with sabudana become a mainstay during this period. Here are five recipes from chefs and home cooks for those fasting:

Sabudana khichdi with a twist

Nothing’s better than fluffy and flavourful sabudana khichdi to start off your morning. Food blogger Kabita Singh from the YouTube channel Kabita’s Kitchen shows how to make a quick and easy khichdi with peanuts and potatoes. The khichdi, which is full of carrots and capsicum, is a nourishing and wholesome dish.

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The crispiest sabudana vadas

Sabudana vada refers to plump fritters made out of tasty tapioca batter with potatoes and green chillies which are deep fried and served hot. In this video, chef Yaman Agarwal of the YouTube channel CookingShooking Hindi prepares these snacks while also giving tips on making the vada crispy and light.

Low oil sabudana cheela

For those looking for something healthier with less oil, the YouTube channel Rita’s Tadka has a sabudana recipe that yields soft and warm cheelas. Chillies, tomatoes, and potatoes are added to the batter, making the dish tastier. The roti-like thickness of the batter also means that it cooks quickly, which is perfect for a busy day.

An expert’s take on sabudana kheer

Sabudana kheer can be a great dessert, especially because of how light it is compared to other sweets. YouTuber Poonam Devnani shares handy tips on the size of sabudana and type of milk to use for best results. The tapioca pearls don’t need to be soaked overnight, making the recipe easy to prepare in a short time.

Sabudana laddoo for keeps

YouTuber Anuradha Dubey brings another option for dessert with sabudana laddoo. These sweet treats, which look like motichoor laddoos, have cashews and are spiced with cardamom, making them very tasty. In the video, Dubey also shows what the right consistency of the soaked tapioca pearls should be and shares tips on how to shape them for perfect laddoos.

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