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3 recipes for homemade masala blends to uplift your cooking

Garam masala, chaat masala and sambar masala can be added to an array of dishes to enhance their flavour

Masalas for all seasons.
Masalas for all seasons. (Photo by atulcodex, Pixabay)

The art of enhancing flavours in Indian cooking lies in masala blends. Every home chef worth their salt will have at least three masala mixes: garam masala, chaat masala and sambar masala. These versatile blends can be used to uplift numerous dishes. For a kitchen enriched with flavour, try making these at home with the help of these recipe videos.

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Garam masala for all seasons

The list begins with a video of chef Ranveer Brar for a reason. In his signature style, he goes beyond a simple recipe by breaking down the essence of masala blends. He says, the art of masala blending is purely about understanding three categories and how to layer them. These include body, an earthy essence and aroma. There are some masalas that add body, such as black cumin; those that have an earthy flavour, like stone flower; and some have an inherently fruity or floral aroma, like green cardamom. He shares his recipe for garam masala while talking about how to make it suitable for winter as well as summer: Add a bit of nutmeg during winter because this spice is considered to be hot, and mix in fennel during summer for this spice is believed to be cooling. The video shares which place produces the best quality masalas—Indore for coriander seeds, Rajasthan for black cumin and Indonesia for mace, etc. Take a look at this video, and be sure to bookmark it.

Chaat masala for a twist of fun

This masala mix makes fruits and salads fun for children who are fussy eaters. Nisha Madhulika takes the viewer through a step-by-step process on how to roast and blend it perfectly for tasty results. It can be stored upto six months in an airtight container and used to flavour various food items; from tikkis to chutneys and sandwiches.

Sambar masala

For dals and khichdi, it’s the only masala one needs to take them up a few notches. Infact, it can be served with a dollop of melting ghee and relished like molgapodi paired with warm idlis and dosas.

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