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Raksha Bandhan: 9 easy recipes for last-minute prep

Six options for mithais and four for chocolate-coated treats to bring in the celebrations

Sweeten Raksha Bandhan celebrations with homemade treats.
Sweeten Raksha Bandhan celebrations with homemade treats. (Prchi Palwe, Unsplash)

Raksha Bandhan is all about familial bonding with food, gifts and fun. For most, it’s a working day today with plans to pick up mithai boxes on the way home for the festival tomorrow. If you want to make it special, you can prepare a sweet treat instead. Order on pistas, almonds, dates, sugar and loads of ghee on Zepto and get cooking. Here are nine easy and quick recipes to choose from:

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Traditional mithais with a twist

This video by the prolific Hebbar’s Kitchen has six options for delicious homemade mithais with nifty hacks. It features peanut katli, mohanthal, mysore pak, halkova (maida halva barfi), kalakand and a fun ice cream barfi. The peanut katli replaces cashews for a budget-friendly mithai; the mohanthal tastes like a perfect besan barfi; the milky mysore pak will impress your family and guests in equal parts; the halkova and ice cream barfis will be perfect for little fussy eaters; and the kalakand is a cheat’s guide to making a great mithai. You might want to bookmark this most helpful video for the busy festive calendar ahead.

Chocolates galore

While mithais are a must during festivals, there are exceptions to the rule with some people preferring chocolates over ghee-laden milky sweet. The YouTube channel, My Lockdown Rasoi, is run by a mechanical engineer, Sunita, who is passionate about cheese and chocolate. For Raksha Bandhan, she shares four eggless chocolate-coated delish recipes: London almond cookies, snicketears stuffed dates, no-sugar orange-flavoured choco bites and crunchy chocolate. Each recipe plays with texture adding more complexity to the sweet treats. Some of these require baking, and she demonstrates how to do so in a deep-bottom pan without an oven. She includes baking details too for those who have the oven. These are perfect as gifts and will add a yummy final touch to your Rakdha Bandhan celebrations.

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