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Palak paratha and other recipes with spinach

From everyday dishes to weekend specials, here are four recipes with spinach

Got palak? Make paratha with it.
Got palak? Make paratha with it. (Photo by Mikey Frost, Unsplash)

Winter is the best season for green leafy vegetables. While palak is available all year round, give it a cold-weather twist with hot parathas, nutritious soups and comforting baked dishes. Here are recipes—from basic to time-intensive options—to enjoy spinach in numerous ways.

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Palak paratha

Winter breakfasts are synonymous with soft and warm parathas, and this is a basic recipe to start your mornings on a comforting note. These parathas have pureed spinach, finely chopped spinach and layers of ghee for an indulgent experience. It is made Punjabi-style and served hot with aachar and curd. Feel free to top it up with some more ghee before serving.

Celebrity-approved spinach soup
Shilpa Shetty shares a quick recipe for a light spinach soup. It has store-bought vegetable stock as a nifty hack. She uses just a pinch for butter and a hint of cinnamon powder to give it a nice aroma.

Persian Tah Chin
This festive recipe is from the kitchen of one of the most popular chefs, Yotam Ottolenghi. It is like a rice pie stuffed with chicken and spinach and flavoured with barberries. Cranberries can be used to replace barberries, if the latter in not available. If you have some time in hand, and want to try something new, this recipe is a good option.

Cheesy spinach cannelloni
In this recipe, a tomato sauce base infused with thyme gets an acidic edge with vinegar. Get your hands on store-bought cannelloni or lasagna sheets and stuff them with blanched spinach and Parmesan, cheddar or ricotta cheese. You can add Mozzarella too. Now, all you need to do is take a casserole, place the tomato sauce and cannelloni and top with more cheese. Bake and serve warm with soft garlic bread.

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