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Celebrate Onam with three traditional recipes

These easy recipes showcase the rich and diverse flavours of traditional Onam dishes

Cooking Ada Pradhaman.
Cooking Ada Pradhaman. (Screenshot: Lekshmi Nair, YouTube)

Next week, social media feeds will be filled with photos of Onam Sadya. Infact, a whole bunch of food enthusiasts have already started sharing suggestions on where to find the best Onam Sadya menu. If you are feeling immense FOMO, because you don’t have access to restaurants or home kitchens serving Sadya, here are a few traditional recipes that will feed your stomach and soul. Stock up on lots of coconut milk.

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A simple kalan

Made with yam and raw bananas, Kalan is a sort of a mixed vegetable preparation which is in an integral part of the Sadya. Also known as Kurukku, this heartwarming dish can be prepared within minutes and is eaten white steamed white or red rice. 

A delicious erissery

What’s a Onam feast without the lip-smacking erissery? It embodies simplicity and taste. Prepared with ingredients like ash gourd or pumpkin, lentils, and coconut, it's a harmonious blend of textures and flavors. Slow-cooked to perfection with mild spices, this thick gravy-style preparation is a comforting and nutritious dish. In this video, you will learn to make mathanga (pumpkin) erissery.

A traditional payasam

Ada Pradhaman, a revered payasam from Kerala, is a must-have during Onam. It's a luscious preparation of rice ada (thin rice flakes), jaggery, and coconut milk. Slow-cooked to achieve a rich, caramelised taste, it's garnished with ghee-roasted cashews, raisins, and coconut slices. The intricate blend of sweet, nutty, and creamy textures completes the Onam Sadya experience. In this video, you will learn the traditional method for making this payasam in a brass urli. It can be prepared in a steel vessel too. 

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