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Master these paneer recipes for effortless cooking

From basics, like how to make paneer from scratch, to restaurant-style dishes, these recipes are for keeps

Paneer is a rich gravy. (Photo: Harish .P, Pexels)
Paneer is a rich gravy. (Photo: Harish .P, Pexels)

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While the easiest thing to do would be to cook with store-bought paneer, nothing matches upto the quality of the homemade version. Hence the first recipe is about three ways to make paneer from scratch, followed by a video on vegan paneer and then there are three classic dishes.

Paneer basics
Author and YouTuber Chetna Makan talks about making paneer in three different ways: split the milk with lemon juice, split the milk with vinegar and infused with herbs. She shares details about the right temperature and time needed, which are little tricks and tips for soft and delicious paneer. She even suggests various ways to repurpose the whey water. Watch her video to know more.

Vegan paneer
If you are lactose intolerant, here’s the perfect paneer recipe for you that’s made with peanut milk. It will yield hunky chunks of pillowy-soft paneer.

Paneer Lababdar
This restaurant-style dish is perfect for a weekend indulgence, and can be whipped up quickly when guests arrive. The prep time is 15 minutes and cooking time is 30. A little pre-prep will yield delicious results. The recipe contains cashews, melon seeds and crowd-favourite tomatoes.

Jain matar paneer
The recipe contains no ginger, no onion and no garlic. It also has no ghee or oil. The secret ingredients are full-fat curd and Ranveer Brar’s clear instructions. If you follow the recipe to the T, it will be impossible to know that it’s missing something, because a good recipe makes for a wholesome, flavour-packed dish.

Paneer Pasanda

The most elaborate recipe has been reserved for the last. Chef Kunal Kapoor explains the definition of pasanda which refers to how something is cut. He goes into detail about what makes the perfect paneer pasanda and explains how it needs to be served for appetising results. Pull out your expensive crockery to serve this dish to elevate the experience.


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