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Mango souffle and other desserts with the king of fruits

Want to whip up quick desserts for summer? Here's a list of three easy recipes that includes mango souffle, mousse and pudding

Mango desserts are the flavour of summer. (Pariwat Pannium, Unsplash)
Mango desserts are the flavour of summer. (Pariwat Pannium, Unsplash)

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End of May is the time when bazaars are awash with mangoes from all corners of India. Pick the ripest and blitz them to make mango puree. It is a wondrous and most versatile ingredient. It can be pre-made in batches, freezes well and can be used in a variety of desserts through the year. In keeping with the theme of the season, here are three no-bake, effortless dessert recipes with summer’s favourite fruit.

Mango soufflé
Light-as-air soufflés are baked desserts, but here’s an impressive variation from chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s YouTube channel. This foolproof recipe needs no baking. The secret ingredient is gelatin which holds the soufflé, while it is left to rise in the fridge. Also, it requires minimum effort in the kitchen—a win-win situation for summer.

Mango pudding
The recipe is by Florency Dias whose YouTube channel is popular for recipes from Goa. There are Anglo-Indian dishes as well, and family recipes from her home. The mango pudding is uplifted with the addition of lemon juice which offers a tongue-tingling tartness. It’s an eggless dessert with just six ingredients and is perfect for days when you are craving something sweet, or need to whip up a quick sweet dish for guests.

Mango mousse
The easiest recipe is reserved for the last. With just three ingredients—mango puree, milkmaid and whipping cream—it’s the kind of recipe that deserves to be bookmarked. It needs just 15 minutes to prepare and two hours in the fridge and what you get is a dessert made to impress. You can elevate it with a tiny pinch of cardamom powder. Just as cinnamon pairs well with apple, a smidgen of cardamom does wonders to mango desserts. This mousse is the perfect dessert to experiment with, and can be turned into a trifle with layers of cake pieces, cream and fresh mango pieces.

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