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Janmashtami: 3 easy and delicious sweet recipes

From peda, kalakand to a three-ingredient sweet dish, here are recipes for an impressive Janmashtami menu

A sweet dish named palkova from Tamil Nadu. (Screenshot from Home cooking with Hema Subramaniam, YouTube)
A sweet dish named palkova from Tamil Nadu. (Screenshot from Home cooking with Hema Subramaniam, YouTube)

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Today is Krishna Janmashtami, and on the menu there will be a variety of dairy items. While makhan-misri is a must-have, there are mithais too which can be easily made at home. Here are recipes of peda, kalakand and a three-ingredient sweet dish from Tamil Nadu to impress your family and guests.

Festive-special milk peda

Recipes from Hebbar’s Kitchen are unbelievably easy to recreate; case in point, this milk peda recipe. During Janmashtami, pedas are most in demand and this three-ingredient sweet treat is perfect for home cooking. To design the peda, a flower stamp is gently pressed on the surface, but if you don’t have this at home, use your thumb to make a small dent or make parallel lines with the tines of a fork. Garnish with dried rose petals and strands of kesar, if you wish to.

Kalakand with Ranveer Brar

With hacks, cooking tips—and an unmatched skill for storytelling—Ranveer Brar simplifies the recipe of kalakand. In this time-saving recipe, one will learn how to reduce cooking time, keep the mithai moist and why ghee or butter are the best ingredients for lining pans used to set mithais or baking cakes. While making the kalakand, he talks about variations too that include mango and pineapple flavours. In that sense, this video gives the viewer more than just one recipe.

A three-ingredient sweet treat

With reduced milk, sugar and cardamom powder this is a no-fuss recipe to woo your close ones—and even the gods perhaps. The sweet dish known as palkova is from Tamil Nadu, but the ingredients, which include milk, sugar and cardamom, are integral to a whole bunch of mithais across India. Garnish options like slivers of pista, almond or cashew nuts, dried rose petals, strands of saffron and edible silver foil are universal to the world of mithais. Pick any of these for a decorative touch to your bowlful of palkova and serve with flourish.

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