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Holi 2023: 5 easy recipes you cannot miss

From thandai, malpua to dahi vada, here are some recipes you must try for Holi

Refreshing thandai recipe for Holi. (Photo: Prchi Palwe, Unsplash)
Refreshing thandai recipe for Holi. (Photo: Prchi Palwe, Unsplash)

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Holi is all about the celebration of colour, arrival of spring—and food. Here are some classic recipes for festive specials to make for your friends, family and loved ones. Welcome them home with a tall glass of Thandai and pamper them with a range of treats, like Maharashtrian puran poli, gujiya, malpua, and dahi vada.


Chef Kunal Kapur shows how to make instant thandai masala, followed by the drink at home. This recipe takes no time to prepare and can be made in advance, too. When the heat gets too much, this refreshing drink is the antidote thing to cool you down. Different desserts and drinks can also be made with the instant thandai masala, making this a versatile recipe. Watch his video to know more.

Puran Poli

A staple of Holi in Maharashtrian households, flaky, sweet, and delicious puran poli is a recipe you must try. In this recipe, chef Nisha Madhulika describes how to make the dough and gives replacements for other ingredients too. She also gives tips and tricks on how to get the perfect puran poli. This recipe is great if you’re looking for a sweet treat to make.


Can you imagine Holi without gujiya? The crispy snack filled with sweet khoya and dry fruit stuffing never fails to make our mouths water. This recipe shows you how to make the perfect crescent-shaped gujiya in just 30 minutes. Step-by-step instructions also help beginners and amateur cooks make this dish with ease.


Nothing is more comforting than hot malpua with thick rabri. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor shows how to make the dessert in no time. He also gives hacks for maintaining the consistency of the batter and easy-to-follow instructions for the frying process. Watch the video to learn more about how to make this festive sweet.

Dahi Vada

Also called dahi bhalle, this dish is a Holi favourite. While it looks easy, the proportions of ingredients can sometimes be hard to adjust. To solve this, chef Ranveer Brar shows the easiest way to perfect dahi vada, starting with the batter to the frying process. Watch the video to learn how to make the softest dahi vadas at home.

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