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Five recipes for egg curries for the soul

There’s nothing more satisfying than a warm bowl of egg curry served with roti or rice

Mangalorean egg curry. (Screengrab from Kannamma Cooks on YouTube)
Mangalorean egg curry. (Screengrab from Kannamma Cooks on YouTube)

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The egg curry is imbued with regional flavours. Bengalis love their Mamlette’r Jhol which contains a spongy omelette stewed in a lightly spiced gravy. Mangaloreans mix in thick coconut milk, Goans have a vindaloo-inspired preparation and there’s the ever popular masala egg version. Here are five recipes of the beloved curry:

Mamlette’r Jhol

This simple recipe by Bong Eats is pure genius. There’s little to not like about a fluffy Spanish-style omelette soaked in a flavourful curry. It’s the best of both worlds coming together on a plate. In true Bengali style, the omelette and stew contain boiled potatoes.

Egg masala curry
Kasuri methi, tomato puree with a kick of fennel powder takes this preparation to the next level. It’s a recipe by one of YouTube’s most popular creators Sanjyot Keer and his preparations leave little room for error. Relish it with steamed rice, rotis or parathas.

Mangalore egg curry
Pre-prep with thick coconut milk, sliced onions and handful of fresh curry patta. The flavourful well-rounded curry, with a hint of tamarind, is guaranteed to induce food coma. There’s nothing more satisfying than comforting food followed by a relaxing nap.

As the name suggests, this recipe comes from a Goan home. Traditionally vindaloo contains vinegar, but it’s an ingredient best suited for red meats rather than delicate eggs. This version skips the vinegar, and the zing comes from spices like star anise, pepper and cloves. The satisfying flavours of thick coconut milk and fresh mint leaves completes this dish.

Saoji Maharashtrian egg curry
If time is not a constraint, opt for cooking this spicy Maharashtrian egg curry. Its robust flavour and colour are derived from two different types of red chillies, a blend of dry spices and topped off with a sprinkling of garam masala. Gravies like these are found in family-style restaurants, Savji khanavali, found in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

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