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5 eggless cupcake recipes for a splash of colour on a grey monsoon day

From classic vanilla to indulgent chocolate cupcakes, try baking something new this weekend

These delicious vanilla cupcakes are soft and spongy.
These delicious vanilla cupcakes are soft and spongy. (Best Bites, YouTube)

If you’re hosting a big party this weekend and aren’t sure what to make for dessert yet, why not try recipes from these bakers and home cooks. Here are five different kinds of eggless cupcakes for a warm and wonderful weekend.

Vanilla cupcakes

Let's start with a basic recipe for a vanilla cupcake. This recipe yields about six adorable cupcakes, and each will be deliciously spongy. They will be ready in less than an hour and you can get the children to give you a hand at decorating the cakes.

Chocolate cupcakes

Super moist chocolate cupcakes are a perfect pick-me-up. What’s more is that they’re vegan and so, contain no eggs, milk, or butter, and can be enjoyed by all. The cupcakes only take 20 minutes to bake, making them quick to prepare too.

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Mocha cupcakes

These sweet treats will be perfect for the coffee addict in your family. With the rich taste of coffee blending with the smooth cocoa powder, the recipe brings together two complementary flavours. They can also be topped with chocolate icing to make them more indulgent.

Red velvet cupcakes

Surprise your loved ones with these red velvet cupcakes decorated with cream cheese frosting. Food content creator Shivesh Bhatia shows the best method of baking the softest sweet treats on his YouTube channel Bake With Shivesh. He also gives recommendations on making buttermilk and how to avoid the cupcake batter from overflowing while baking.

Strawberry cupcakes

If you’re in the mood for something with a fruity flavour, try these strawberry cupcakes. This recipe makes about 12 cupcakes with a delicious filling. The home baker in the video, Sushma Iyer, uses fresh strawberries and recommends using strawberry jam as the best substitute.

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