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3 quick and easy recipes with plums

Monsoon’s sweetest fruit can be used to make chutneys, snacks and a delish cobbler

Make the most of monsoons by cooking with plums.
Make the most of monsoons by cooking with plums. (Alexandra Kikot, Unsplash)

Plums are the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity and that’s why they can be used to make chatpata chutneys and jams. These delicious, plump stone fruits are available for a short window now. Make the most of this season with these easy, quick and fun recipes.

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A yummy chutney
Move away from the usual coconut, pudina and imli chutneys and try something completely new. This version with plums will be ready in under 20 minutes. With just a handful of ingredients that include plum puree, rock salt, date pieces and more, you will get a chutney that can be paired with rotis, served with hot samosas, layered in sandwiches and can be used as a salad dressing too. Dates can be replaced with raisins and you can add more texture with almond slivers or cashew pieces.


A healthy snack

Want to make something heathy and fun for your children? Try this recipe for plum bites. With lots of rolled oats, almond meal, coconut oil, sunflower seeds and maple syrup, these bites look delightful and taste yummy. They are seasoned with just a tiny bit of salt and flavoured with the the magic spice cinnamon. These need to be bake twice: First for 15 minutes, followed by an additional 20 minutes. You will have something absolutely wonderful within an hour. These make perfect treats for guests to take home too.

A delish plum cobbler

Stone fruits, like cherries, peaches and plums, make the best ingredients for cobblers. As per the The Guardian, cobblers are named so because the textured surface of this pie-like dessert looks like cobblestones. This recipe has grated Granny Smith apples that hold the juices of the plums and add a perky acidity. Enjoy this warm dessert with a scoop of vanilla coffee or serve with your favourite coffee.

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