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Learn how to make a simple breakfast of curd and poha for busy days

Who needs overnight soaked oats when you can make the nourishing dahi chiura from Nepal?

Dahi chiura is a perfect fuss-free breakfast food
Dahi chiura is a perfect fuss-free breakfast food (Eat Delicious Everyday, YouTube)

Curd and poha make a dish that is celebrated in agrarian communities across India. For example, in Bihar, dahi chura, which includes jaggery, fruits, and nuts is the main feature of the harvest festival, Makar Sankranti. Similarly, doi seera from Assam is made on special occasions like Bihu, another harvest festival. In Maharashtrian communities too, dahi pohe is an important dish served during religious ceremonies or celebrations.

Nepal, which celebrated one of its biggest festivals, called Asar Pandra, last week, also has a variation of this dish called dahi chiura. This festival marks the start of the agricultural season in the country, with farmers planting rice saplings in the fields, playing in the mud, and enjoying feasts.

Like most variations of the dish, dahi chiura is eaten during the festival. It is believed that this combination helps nourish the body after a long day of planting rice. Flattened rice is a common staple food in Nepal and can be easily digested. According to a post by the food and travel blog, Eat Your World, dahi chiura is sometimes paired with a spicy potato curry called aloo bodi tama which has bamboo shoots and black-eyed peas. Fruits like mangoes and bananas are served along with the curd and flattened rice.

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Before starting anything new, dahi chiura is eaten and it is believed to ensure good luck for the farmers at the start of the harvest season in Nepal. The dish is also given to expectant mothers for the same reason.

Along with having cultural significance, the dish can make for a good breakfast item because of its nutritional value. It is also easy to prepare and only requires the poha to be soaked for 5 to 10 minutes. It can be served with different toppings such as nuts, fruits, and spices like cinnamon, making the dish versatile.

Take a look at this video to learn how to make dahi chiura for a quick, fuss-free breakfast.

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