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Around the world with grandma’s recipes

Watch three recipe videos with cooking instructions as well as stories of undivided India, pasta feasts from Croatia and escape from North Korea  

A screengrab of filmmaker Natasha Raheja's grandmother cutting vegetables for Sindhi curry.  
A screengrab of filmmaker Natasha Raheja's grandmother cutting vegetables for Sindhi curry.  

While sharing the recipe of Korean pork belly, grandma Sanok Kim recounts how she escaped the Soviet regime of North Korea. In an Indian kitchen, a nani reminisces about ingredients in Pakistan while preparing Sindhi curry. A group of grandmothers come together to hand-roll pasta for a Croatian dish while chatting about its origins. These are recipe videos where food is stewed in stories.

Sindhi Curry from the Grandmas Project
The warm tamarind-infused Sindhi curry with a medley of vegetables is a Sunday essential in Sindhi homes. In a recipe video on the website Grandma’s Project, filmmaker Natasha Raheja follows her grandmother with a camera as she chops vegetables, cooks the curry and eats it while casually chatting about her memories of undivided India. The Grandmas Project is an online repository of grandmothers’ recipe from around the world where filmmakers document dishes prepared by their grandmothers.


Korean Pork Belly from Cooking With Granny

Food writer Caroline Shin cooks with her grandmother Sanok Kim in a series of videos that are posted on the YouTube channel Cooking With Granny. It also showcases recipes from grandmothers hailing from other communities, but the videos with Kim are most heartwarming. In a video on Korean Pork Belly, her grandmother invites a friend and they recall escaping from the brutal Soviet regime of North to South Korea and finding home in America.


Fusi Istriani from Pasta Grannies

A YouTube channel named Pasta Grannies features Italian nonne (grandmothers) from around the world making their signature pasta dishes. One such dish is Fusi Istriani from Croatia that is considered to be a harvest speciality and is usually made in large quantities by a group of women. From the ingredients to the kitchen and even the apron worn by grandmothers, the entire video is infused with rustic charm. 

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