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A 5-ingredient recipe for gluten-free brownies

Make yourself a luscious chocolatey treat on World Baking Day

Gluten free brownie.
Gluten free brownie. (Chef Aditi Handa, Baker’s Dozen)

Baking, in times of uncertainty, feels like an antidote to the unrelenting chaos. It is the one thing that infuses a comforting sense of control, and the end result is fulfilling. Plus, cakes can be Dunzo-ed to friends and families as small but meaningful gifts. No wonder then that baking is regarded as therapy when the going gets rough. It could be the reason why sourdough, banana bread and artsy focaccia reached fever pitch last year.

On World Baking Day today, chef Aditi Handa, founder of the brand Baker’s Dozen shares a five-ingredient recipe for gluten-free brownies. The flourless treat comes from the mind of a talented chef and business woman who earned her stripes by selling sourdough, croissants and baguettes. These breads are usually perceived as "fancy". But Handa believes that’s a wrong notion. Since opening her first bakery in Mumbai in 2013, she has experimented with various flours, processes and packaging to bring the best quality bread to urban homes at affordable rates.

While her products range from sponge cakes, cookies, crackers, lavash and even cakes mixes, one will not find this gluten-free brownie on her menu. Handa shared a simple recipe for a delicious treat that feels fancy and celebratory. With baking, it’s all about getting the measurements right and starting with ingredients at room temperature. Even first-timers can have a go. You got this.

Gluten-free brownies


67 gms butter

83 gms caster sugar

133 gms eggs (3 eggs approx.)

17 ml water

200 gms chocolate


Whisk eggs, sugar and water until the sugar completely dissolves and the mixture doubles in volume.

Add melted butter and mix until the batter is homogenous.

Tip in the chocolate until mixture is homogeneous.

Pour batter into a brownie tray and bake at 180C for 30-35 mins.

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