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7 easy popsicle recipes for a delightful summer

From watermelon to mangoes and Oreo cookies, summer just got cooler with these popsicle recipes

Got fruit? Turn it into popsicles. (Photo: Daniel Öberg, Unsplash)
Got fruit? Turn it into popsicles. (Photo: Daniel Öberg, Unsplash)

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If you have any leftover fruit this summer, make popsicles. If you want to put Oreo cookies to good use, make popsicles. If you wish to take chocolate up a few notches, make popsicles. Because nothing else can guarantee cooling off in summer as more fun. Each recipe requires no more than five ingredients. Bring home easy-to-use popsicles moulds and try them out:

Refreshing watermelon
Recreate the layers of summer’s juiciest fruit with kiwi, cream, chocolate chips and watermelon (of course). Whether you are planning a birthday for children, or a brunch party for friends, these will add a touch of joy to the menu.

Custard mimics kulfi
These creamy custard popsicles will remind you of kulfi. Custard, the most versatile ingredient for dessert, can be used for popsicles too. You can replace tutti frutti with chocolate chips or pomegranate arils.

Homemade chocolate bar
Ever wanted to recreate choco bar at home? Well, this is your chance to do so. The recipe minutely breaks down the steps to make the chocolate coating. If you wish, mix almond slivers into the chocolate for a richer feel. These will be a perfect—and delightful—end to a meal this season.

Mango madness
Summer menus are incomplete without mangoes. To that end, here’s a three-ingredient recipe for creamy homemade mango lollies. All you need is ripe mangoes, condensed milk and coconut milk, and you are all set.

A delicious trifecta
This video showcases threes absolutely decadent recipes for cookies and cream, raspberry cheesecake and Nutella popsicles. The best part is the use of ingredients that one can easily find in the kitchen to create something that sounds like straight out of a gourmet restaurant. The popsicle with Nutella has just three ingredients and it’s unbelievably yummy. You know what they say about the best things in life being simple?

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