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7 easy lunch recipes to power through the week

Smart ideas, vegan options and oil-free cooking to add variety for a busy week

Pre-prep a few veggies by blanching. (Photo: Unsplash)
Pre-prep a few veggies by blanching. (Photo: Unsplash)

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A busy week calls for better food and smarter meal planning. A time-saving trick is to blanch and freeze vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus and leafy greens like spinach the night before. These vegetables are perfect for dishes like salads and one-pot meals which are part of this list. Take your pick from this diverse collection of seven recipes that’ll take you through a busy week.

Three quick vegan lunch recipes
Stuffed capsicum, wraps and a warm chickpea stew for vegans in the house. Although some ingredients are canned in these recipes, you can opt for fresh foods. Sadia Badiei is one of the top YouTubers for vegan recipes and nearly all of them are fail-proof altering. The sandwich recipe in this video uses curry masala which can be replaced with garam masala. Make each recipe your own by experimenting with herbs like mint, coriander and even curry leaves.

Oil-free Mangalorean fish curry

Shilpa Shetty shares her family recipe of a delish fish curry cooked in a claypot. It’s best eaten with steamed rice, fluffy appams or warm neer dosas.

Vegetarian pot rice
There’s nothing more satisfying to cook than a nutritious one-pot meal. This recipe by YouTuber Sanjyot Keer packs a punch with a whole lot of vegetables, including blanched broccoli that can be prepared in advance. You can forgo corn flour if you wish to and prepare a hearty lunch.

Lemon garlic chicken
By end of the week, when you have time in hand, prepare this succulent lemon garlic chicken. It requires an hour for marinating and cooking time is under 30 minutes. The end result is a flavourful dish that pairs beautifully with rice or garlic bread.

Chicken with caramel and clementine dressing
The YouTube channel Ottolenghi Test Kitchen is perfect for playful weekend cooking. Filled with new and fun ideas, it’s a joy for experimental cooks. The blackened or slightly charred chicken with caramel and clementines (can be substituted with oranges) is a light and refreshing preparation. The recipe goes that extra mile for vegetarians and shows how chicken can be replaced with halloumi.

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