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7 delicious dinner recipes for the week ahead

From Ranveer Brar’s sweet and spicy Sindhi meal to Gordon Ramsay’s flavour-packed sausage rice, these dinner recipes will make you hungry for more

Prep for delicious dinners for the week ahead. (Photo: Pixabay)
Prep for delicious dinners for the week ahead. (Photo: Pixabay)

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Drive away Monday blues by dreaming about dinner—yes, already. There are options for vegans, hardcore meat eaters and better diet seekers. Bookmark these dinner recipes, and be forewarned that they will leave you hungry for more.

Sindhi Sai Bhaji and bhuga chawal
Make the most of the season of green leafy vegetables with a recipe for sai bhaji which is a Sindhi specialty. Sai translates to green in Sindhi and this vegetable preparation has three varieties of leafy greens: spinach, fenugreek and dill. It has a distinct taste of green chillies, and is pressure cooked with channa dal. Bhuga or bhugge chawal is cooked with whole garam masalas, like cinnamon and cardamon, and has the lovely flavour of bay leaves. It gets a nice brown colour because it’s roasted (translates to bhuga in Sindhi). Caramelised onion adds a pleasant sweetish flavour to the bhuga chawal and pairs perfectly with the spicy sai bhaji.

Alia Bhatt’s zucchini sabzi
The actor is a kitchen novice, and that’s a good news for beginners. In this video of zucchini sabzi, under the guidance of her personal chef, she takes one through the simplest steps, like cutting zucchini. With curry patta and grated coconut, and spices like jeera powder, mustard seeds and amchur powder, it packs quite a punch. It will be a delight for vegans. 

For a quick, easy and fancy dinner
Baked salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts and rice flavoured with bone broth—just yummy. The meal can be put together under 30 minute minutes if all the ingredients are in hand. The secret ingredient in this recipe is the Old Bay seasoning of Maryland, US. It can be substituted with the Bomb Bay seasoning available on Urban Platter. This meal could be great for a date night at home.

For the weekend
Reserve Gordon Ramsay’s dinner recipes for the weekend or for those days when you seek something indulgent. He has four recipes in one videos. The comforting pasta dish with leeks can be made under 20 minutes. Apart from this, there’s spicy sausage rice, meatballs in coconut milk and a bacon quiche. The best part of watching videos of an expert chef is there are expert cues that one can pick up. He talks about the correct way to chop vegetables, cook sausages and using the right utensils for maximum flavour.

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