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5 sweet and savoury recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi

From modaks by Madhuri Dixit to a savoury snack from Tamil Nadu, bookmark these recipes for this week’s celebrations

Ukadiche modaks are the heart and soul of the festive platter during Ganesh Chaturthi. 

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Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and it’s time to prep for a feast of sweet and savoury treats. While modaks are the heart and soul of the festive platter, there are food ideas galore that go beyond this quintessential sweet. Take your from this list of five recipes (or make them all) for this week’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

Make modaks like Madhuri Dixit

This video does two things: has the recipe of ukadiche modak, and has Madhuri Dixit. The inimitable superstar of the eighties and nineties shares a family recipe with a detailed step-by-step process. With tidbits about her personal life and anecdotes, it’s a fun watch while learning something new.

Savoury twist to modaks

As an interesting take, try a savoury version of this festive treat for Ganesh Chaturthi. For the crunch, all one needs are crispy puris (the ones used in sev puri) and some fresh veggies for flavour and texture. Think of it like flavours of chaat encompassed in a tongue-tingling deep-fried modak.

A Prasadam from Mumbai

If there’s one city where the festival is celebrated like no other place, it’s Mumbai. There are several pandals known for special Prasadam during the 11-day celebration. One such place is the GSB Ganpati Pandal in King’s Circle which is regarded as the richest in the city. They have a special prasad of poha sweetened with jaggery, flecked with coconut and dotted with black sesame. This recipe is a recreation of the prasad.

Churma laddoos for Bappa

A detailed recipe with lots of handy tips to get it right is YouTuber Sanjyot Singh’s signature. There’s little that can go wrong in this recipe to make churma laddoos with the perfect coarse texture. Try it and win hearts.

A savoury Tamil speciality

One of the most unique regional specialties of the festive platter is kozhukattai from Tamil Nadu. Small balls are made with the leftover modak dough and tempered with curry leaves and spices. Then it's garnished with coconut shavings and served warm. The simple snack is unique to the festival and is much sought after.

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