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5 recipes with peas that are perfect for winter

From Ranveer Brar’s matar mushroom to Nigella Lawson’s mushy peas, here’s a recipe list that spells winter comfort

Make the most of peas during winter. (Unsplash)
Make the most of peas during winter. (Unsplash)

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Perky green peas are the flavour of the season. They add colour, texture and nutrition to every dish, and pairs well with nearly every vegetable. Winter brings in the freshest and tastiest peas and here are five recipes to make the most of them:

Matar mushroom
For this recipe, chef Ranveer Brar is extra generous with butter. He says mushroom and butter make a great pair, and mint and peas go well together. The dish has several layers of flavour including sweetness from raisins and a touch of acidity from curd. It’s an indulgent dish and is best reserved for the weekend.

Alu matar pulao
Potatoes and peas pulao, cooked dum-style, makes for a warm lunch on a cold winter day. Chef Bharat Wadhwa who demonstrates this recipe, explains each step in detail to make the cooking process easier for viewers. It’s a good recipe to bookmark.

Koraishutir Kochuri or Matar Puri
This is a signature dish from the Bengali kitchen as winter sets in. It’s usually regarded as special occasion food and prepared for guests. The trick to getting it right, as the video explains, is to get a flaky texture and spread the filling evenly. Make a few extra because these puris can be addictive.

Peas soup
A recipe list for winter would be incomplete without a soup. Here’s a thick, creamy version that will be loved by adults as well as picky eaters. One of the most interesting ingredients in this recipe is ajwain that replaces thyme. Make and relish each spoonful.

Mushy peas with salmon
This recipe from Nigella Lawson can be easily recreated in an Indian home. Substitute the salmon with rawas and you should be good. Lawson uses frozen peas, but's there's nothing like the real deal. A smattering of crunchy bacon over soft fish fillets accompanied by a peas mash, makes it a wholesome and delicious meal.

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