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5 methi recipes that taste of winter

Celebrate the aromas, flavours and fresh harvest of winter with sweet and savoury methi recipes

Methi pakoras (Photo; Pexels)
Methi pakoras (Photo; Pexels)

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Methi or fenugreek belong to the category of top three winter vegetables. As the temperature dips, the leafy green make its presence felt in parathas, pakoras and curries. To make the most of this winter green during peak harvest season, here are five recipes with methi.

Methi theplas
Theplas are synonymous to the Gujarati kitchen and they can be eaten for all meals, from breakfast, lunch to dinner. The trick to make the perfect theplas, as the video will tell you, is to roll them a tad thicker than rotis and roast them in low-medium heat. These are perfect for winter picnics. One can also make them crunchy by roasting in high heat in lots of oil or ghee and serve them like chips. To offset the bitterness of methi, pair with something slightly sweetish, like chunda.

Methi parathas
They are like the ghee-laden cousins of theplas. The dough needs to be slightly hard and requires resting for a few minutes. For softness, ghee is a must, but knowing when to add it when the paratha is being cooked is even more important. Watch the video to know more.

Methi na gota
One can also call them methi bhajia or pakora. The batter-making for these snacks is similar to whipping cake batter. First mix the wet ingredients followed by adding in the dry ingredients. Use a whisk to blend and ensure there are no lumps. Then dunk in hot oil for crispy and puffy pakoras.

Methi matar
Matar, methi and malai form the trifecta for an indulgent winter dish. Tag it as a comfort recipe for weekend cooking. There’s ghee and bay leaf simmered in tomato puree, followed by the addition of peas, fenugreek leaves and topped off with cream or homemade malai. For extra flavour and texture, there’s julienned ginger too.

Methi laddoo
The list will be incomplete without something sweet. For this recipe, one requires fenugreek seed and dollops of ghee. Be really generous with the ghee. With wheat flour, almond flour, edible gum and jaggery as sweetener, these laddoos are believed to be perfect for winter and are meant for sharing.

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