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5 iftar recipes for kebabs, samosas and desserts

Stock up on minced meat, custard powder and roasted vermicelli for these iftar recipes

Trifle for iftar. (Photo: Mohammad Lotfian, Unsplash)
Trifle for iftar. (Photo: Mohammad Lotfian, Unsplash)

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Halfway through the holy month of Ramzan, no matter what faith one follows, they might be tempted to make an iftar-special dish at home. These dishes include fried snacks, refreshing drinks and rich desserts. Take your pick from this list of recipes:

A welcome drink
With chia seeds, vermicelli and custardy milk topped with ice and flecked with almond slivers, this drink is perfect to welcome guests. It could act as a mid-morning meal-in-a-glass too, only if one isn’t fasting in the day. Try it and raise a toast to sharing meals with loved ones.

Afghan kofta kabab
A comforting combination of lamb and potatoes go into these pan-fried kebabs. Jalapeno can be substituted for chillies and cilantro can be replaced with coriander. The mixture of meat, potatoes, spices and bread crumbs are shaped into thin (about half cm) round discs and fried in a pan. Serve with pudina chutney or ketchup.

Cheese fatayer
These middle eastern cheese pockets are a filling snack. The recipe video shows how to make the bread from scratch and stuff it with mozzarella layered with meat, if one wishes for variety. The end result is ultra soft stuffed bread. It’s got carbs, cheese and meat; ergo, what’s not to like!

Malai smokey kheema samosa
If there’s extra time in hand, make these smokey kheema samosas topped with fried vermicelli. While the kheema is cooking with carrots and capsicum, let it smoke by placing a charcoal in the centre of the pan. Yes, this is one recipe that requires a video demonstration. So, here you go:

Bread malai

The list started with a drink containing custard powder and it will end with this ingredient. The unbelievably simple recipe of bread soaked in custard milk should qualify as a go-to summer dessert. Although the video shows garnishing with pista and almond slivers, feel free to top it up with mango pieces. Relish with joy.

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