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5 hummus recipes to impress your guests

Five variations of an essential dip to keep the menu interesting at your house party

A bowl of hummus is a must at any party (Photo Courtesy: Ludovic Avice, Unsplash)
A bowl of hummus is a must at any party (Photo Courtesy: Ludovic Avice, Unsplash)

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Hummus is a classic spread or dip that goes with most quick snacks, from salted chips, pita bread to carrot sticks. The classic recipe with chickpeas and tahini acts like a canvas to experiment with a whole bunch of ingredients. Here are five recipes to make hummus with a twist:

Beetroot hummus

With its bright pink colour, this hummus will be an absolute hit at any social gathering. The cooked beets bring an earthy flavour while the addition of tahini, a paste made from sesame seeds, makes the dip more creamy. This recipe from the YouTube channel, The Mediterranean Dish, shows how to add the perfect pop of colour to your party platter. It will be a hit with the kids too.

Avocado hummus

The Middle eastern recipe meets Mexican flavours with this avocado hummus. The dip, which is reminiscent of guacamole, comes together in less than 30 minutes. YouTuber Wyse Guide shows how to make the recipe topped with cilantro and spring onions.

White bean hummus

White beans are used in this recipe instead of chickpeas, adding a touch of earthiness to the dip. In this video, Chef Rebecca Peizer at the Culinary Institute of America shows how the dish is made, and shares tips on how to make the hummus extra creamy. The dip is especially good for dipping vegetables or crackers in.

Red pepper hummus

Roasted bell peppers add sweetness to any dish, including this hummus. With the addition of garlic and spices, like cumin and cayenne pepper, the dip also has a spicy kick. When all the ingredients come together, it makes the perfect combination of spicy and savoury. In this recipe by YouTuber Fablunch, the secrets to making the creamy and delicious dip are revealed.

Green pea edamame hummus

Chef Vineet Bhatia shares an interesting variation of the hummus by substituting chickpeas with edamame beans and peas. The vegetables add a lovely spring green colour to the dip along with a whole lot of nutrition.

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