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5 healthy ways to enjoy bhutta this monsoon

Here are some recipes to help you make the most of this corn season

Fresh bhutta will always be an eternal monsoon craving
Fresh bhutta will always be an eternal monsoon craving (Photo by Andre Ouellet, Unsplash)

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The monsoons are back, and so is corn season. Not only is corn rich in Vitamin C and packed with antioxidants, but it is also plain delicious. Apart from eating it the usual way--smoked on the stove, with butter on top--here are five recipes that will leave you licking your lips and begging for more.

Crispy corn

Craving a binge-worthy snack? This is exactly what you need. Just boil some corn kernels, coat them with corn flour and pop them in the air fryer (or oven) for baking. Top it off with any masalas of your choice.

Bhutte ka kees

Bhutte ka kees is a delicacy made with shredded corn that is popular in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Spice it up with masalas like mustard and cumin seeds, green and red chillies, turmeric, and asafoetida.

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Corn and chicken soup

Perfect for those lazy evenings when you just want to sit at the window and look at the rain outside. Chicken, corn and vegetables of your choice are all you need for this recipe.

Corn Salad

Colourful and vibrant, this corn salad is a treasure trove of nutrition. Add in all your favourite salad veggies and garnish with some olive oil, salt and pepper. A perfect meal for when you’re not feeling like going through the trouble of cooking.

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Korean cheese corn

Not so much healthy as it is food for the soul, this creamy snack can be used as a dip or be eaten as is. All you need is corn, heavy cream and lots of cheese. Season with some oregano and chilli flakes and use it as a dip for nachos and chips or dig right in.

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