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4 savoury dishes to celebrate the mango

From tangy condiments to curries, here are four ways to cook with the king of fruits

A screenshot of ingredients in a South Indian style mango chutney. (Courtesy: The Tadka Project, YouTube)
A screenshot of ingredients in a South Indian style mango chutney. (Courtesy: The Tadka Project, YouTube)

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During mango season, it’s a treat to enjoy cold pieces of alphonso or mango-flavored pastries and desserts. However, these fruits are extremely versatile and shouldn’t be limited to just desserts. Here are four recipes you can try to enjoy the sweet fruit in savoury dishes:

Mango salsa

If you want a flavour-packed and versatile condiment, try this mango salsa with chips or as a fresh salad. YouTuber and chef Justin Coit recommends using the salsa as an accompaniment to a fish or chicken dish. It can be made with sweet alphonsos that contrast with the other ingredients or the mildly tart Totapuri variety. Combine mango, bell peppers, onion and jalapenos for a delicious, colourful and chunky sauce.

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Kaccha Aam Chaat

If you feel like enjoying some street food at home, look no further than Kaccha Aam Chaat. These spicy, raw pieces of mango, topped with fresh coriander are simple to prepare and extremely tasty.


Meen Manga Curry (Fish curry with raw mango)

This Kerala fish curry is a delicious combination of spices and tangy flavour notes. This recipe uses thinly sliced raw mango to be cooked until semi-soft. The curry has coconut milk that makes the texture silky and smooth, while the sour mango really makes the dish stand out. Pair this dish with warm rice, preferably red rice from Kerala, for a complete experience. 


Mango Chutney

Traditionally used as an accompaniment to rice, this chutney is a great condiment to have all through mango season. YouTuber Sumi who runs the channel The Tadka Project recommends cooking semi-ripe, firm mangoes to extract the best flavour and get the right texture. You can even use this chutney as a dipping sauce to accompany snacks like samosas and pakoras during the monsoon.

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