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4 recipes of Christmas sweets from kitchens of India

Christmas means the satisfying crunch of rose cookies, the warmth of a pudding and the dizzying flavours of a rum-soaked cake

Goan rose cookies. (Photo: Florency Dias, YouTube)
Goan rose cookies. (Photo: Florency Dias, YouTube)

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While rich plum cake and pudding are de rigueur, platefuls of rose cookies and kulkuls are a familiar sight in Catholic homes during Christmas. Each of these recipes will need time, and a whole lot of love. Plan in advance so that you have enough time to prep and catch up on some rest. In the spirit of the season, here are four recipes from Goan and Anglo-Indian homes:

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1. Christmas cake

Traditionally, to prepare this festive cake, fruits are soaked in rum for several weeks, but this recipe will prove that the process requires no more than two days, and a week at the most. Although the prep process is elaborate, the cake will last upto a month or more if stored well, and kept away from greedy hands. 

2. Kulkuls

This is perhaps one of the most detailed recipes of a traditional Christmas sweet snack. Trisha, the founder of YouTube channel, The Aspiring Home Cook meticulously explains how to make them with a kulkul paddle, fork and comb. All in all, it’s a foolproof recipe.

3. Rose cookies

The month-old YouTube channel, Florency Dias, is dedicated to Goan recipes. Delicate, rose cookies are tricky to prepare, but Dias’ wells-shot video with step-by-step guide leaves little room for error. The end result is crunchy rose cookies that will last till the end of the year.

4. Anglo-Indian ginger carrot pudding with tea custard

These are two recipes in one, and both have been adapted from books. The custard steeped in tea water with ginger flavoured pudding exemplifies what it means when two cultures—British and India—combine to create something wonderful. Bong Eats can be trusted with flawless recipes

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